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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What is this Big Bird Thinking? ....

Can Librarians be big bird thinkers?
"Big bird thinkers are those who  are so mature that nothing can distract them from their objectives, who give well-considered responses when in adverse situations, rather than simply indulging in an emotional backlash. …………….. Spirituality is good for the all-round development of the individual's personality, for it makes you free of tension and friendly towards all.  Spirituality is the way to all kind of success. …………………… positive thinking makes you a 'bid bird thinker' and 'big bird thinking' imbues the human character with spirituality.  Although this is an inner quality, it is this inner quality that has the power to better all your external affairs." - Maulana Wahiduddin Khan ; (Source : The Speaking Tree, Times of India, December 22, 2010).

Yes, I dont know what is my status with regard to Big Bird Thinking ..... I do strongly feel and believe that I do have the habit of spontaneous emotional back lashes .... which is not in tune with this philosophy. I know those who fall in this category of thinking … are much above quick back lashes …. They go in for considered and well-thought out responses. But what about being natural and spontaneous … being simple and responsive ….. just in tune with the natural laws and nature. I think I need to think further on this. I think librarians on line these days are more into responsive …. Quick reactive mode than considered responses on wide range of their interests and avocations? Am I right? What about modern bloggers …. Can we find many bloggers who fall into the category of 'big bird thinkers' ?

Librarianship is a noble profession