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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Re: pallabi sarkar

Dear Pallabi,

Good evening. I am very sorry Pallbi dear.

I get many mails ... but I
did not find yours. Any way next time

I would not dely in replying
to you, trust me. I am busy , but not so

busy as such. And what was
your comment, let me know. Only yesterday

I completed my teaching
assingment on "Principles and Practice

of Management". Do belong to
Bangalore or Kolkotta? Why are you

looking for job in Banglaore, any
specific reason? You will get a job in

Banglaore ... sure ... keep in touch
with the local papers of Banglaore.

Register yourself with Naukri or
Times jobs and direct them specifically

about your preference for
Banglaore. Let me know more about yourself.

Do send me a copy of your
CV and photograph by email. It is nice to

know that you are participating
in the IASLIC Seminar orgainzed by Bose

Institute. Do attend such c
onferences, you will get chances to talk to

seniors and teachers.
Only thing next time present a paper in such

Seminars. I am not coming there.
I would have met you in Kolkotta had I

participated in the IASLIC Seminar.
Any way we will meet some where in one of the

Seminars again. Keep in touch
and let me know next time about Seminars and

Conferences. Once you attend
the conference you send me a detailed resport...

which I will read. I am
working as a Sr.Librarian at Akruti Citygold

Institute, Mumbai. Ours will be an
university shortly after UGC clearance.

Do visit my professional LIS blog to
know more about my other professional

activities :

Feel free to communicate to me or you may

talk to me any time. Best wishes



November 18, 2008

Hello Sir,

Very good evening.I had send a comment

for u, but u did'nt reply, r u busy sir? if

u dont mind plz tell me if there are any

chances/possibilities of finding a job

in Bangalore with my present level of

qualifications/experience? I will be

attending a ILA Seminar/conference in

Kolkata organized by Bose Institue. R U

going there? What are you doing? Reply plz.

Pallabi Sarkar

Monday, November 17, 2008

Re: Pallabi Sarkar - School Librarian - West Bengal - attaching my cv

17 November 2008
Dear Pallabi,
Very Good morning Pallabi. I have gone through your cv, it is great.
I am sure you will come up in the profession. You need to realise that
you have a distinguished academic record and live up to it. Be active.
The first thing I suggest is that you should become a life
member of
IASLIC and ILA, start working towards your M.Phil, write a paper and
publish it in the next two months, keep in touch with your professiors
and seniors continuously.
You are the best, continue to be the best, be the best, do the best .....
success always follows persons like you. I am not pampering you ...
it is just my sincere wish, opinion and advice.
Feel free to contact me any time over email : .
Visit my blog : and offer your
comments. Would like to be an author for this blog? If so let me know.
Bye for now
take care
best wishes
From: Pallabi Sarkar <>
Subject: attaching my cv
Date: Sunday, 16 November, 2008, 3:55 PM
Hi Thanks for ur mail and want to help me.if u have any informaton
regarding in my field plz inform me and my contact no
already giving
u through my resume.if necessary then call me or email me.again
i thanking u.take care. pallabi

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