Monday, June 16, 2008

Restless Union

Restless Union!

Ever increasing tentacles

of passion multiplying......

Deep up and down

into the unknown

a wild journey

deep into the valley

across life and death......

as it was, is and would be;

out of this manifest and latent

Interplay and intersection of love into lust

Good into bad

Light into darkness

And visa versa.

Yes they get lost.....

to each other

Non stop(?)...........

To win battles

Across life and death

Ever spreading red carpets

For new comers

And Bidding farewel

To those approaching the Exit.

Yes they fight their wars Across

Life and death in union


A Restless union.

-Rajashekhar Devarai

(Original Source - Independent Spirit Weekly Bidar : March 28, 1989)

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