Friday, January 14, 2011

Fw: respect others ... will get it back ... directly or indirectly!!!!!!!

Librarians, let us respect and love our neighbours …. every one's love gets poured on us.

January 14, 2011

You love and respect others … you will get them in turn, you help others …. You will get it in turn ….. you console others …. Others in turn console when you need it the most. Don't hate any one …. Nobody hates you …. Don't grudge on any one no one grudges on you. Even if you don't get what you do in return don't bother because it is not your problem …. Be contended for your positive actions. They will acknowledge and return the positive actions / response when they realize ….when they find the time ripe….your actions of good will may or may not be returned directly to you ….. your good will may be poured as acknowledgement on some one else. You help and honour some one …. The other person helps and honours some one else ….. and the nature brings it back to you in some way or the other. Be good be yourself with your words and actions….you will in the long run will be happy invariably.


(Insiration : Why love your neighbour/Oswald Pereira, The Speaking Tree, Times of India, Jan 14, 2011, Friday).

Librarianship is a noble profession