Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sadia Khan on Self-discovery

LbnRaj harps on  self discovery once again and tries to learn from Sadia Khan …. February 9, 2011

Journey Of Self – Discovery/Sadia Khan. Sadia Khan says :

  1. "Indeed, the most ordinary thing about each individual is the fact that he thinks himself a little out of the ordinary".
  2. "We have to pay a price to acquire anything at all in life.  Nothing comes for free.  Similarly, the unique individual can be brought out into the light only after paying the due price".
  3. "Life is an opportunity.  It gives us the freedom to act as we would want to.  If we fail to avail of this because of our own neglect, we shall have no justification for complaining later. 
  4. "The Journey of Self-discovery can be rewarding and exciting if we only focus more on positive as well as extraordinary aspects".

Source : Speaking Tree/Times of India, February 9, 2011.

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