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Library Soup: Assistant Librarian Vacancy at National Institute ...

Library Soup: Assistant Librarian Vacancy at National Institute ...: Source;  http://epaper.indianexpress.com/274366/Indian-Express/18-May-2014#page/5/1 Indian Express Delhi ed. 18 May , Page no 5

Scaling Up Excellence l Dr_ Huggy Rao l Mumbai l 25th June 2014

Dear Colleague,
Introducing Stanford Professor and One of The Most Popular Silicon Valley Gurus, Dr. Huggy Rao for the first time in India at Scaling Up Excellence - Summit on 25th June 2014 @ Hotel The Leela Mumbai.
About Dr. Hayagreeva (Huggy) Rao:
  • Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources.
  • Professor of Sociology (by courtesy), School of Humanities and Science.
  • Director of the Managing Talent for Strategic Advantage Executive Program.
  • Codirector of the Customer-Focused Innovation Executive Program.
  • Codirector of the Advanced Leadership Program for Asian American Executives.
  • Academic Director, Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. More here...
Benefits: The summit will address the following key issues and educate companies in driving business growth:
  • Why bad is stronger than. They show that scaling depends on clearing away destructive beliefs and behaviours of that effectiveness can spread and stick.
  • Why navigating the "Buddhism-Catholic continuum" is essential to effective scaling.
  • Why oversized teams are among the biggest impediments to effective scaling.
  • Why scaling depends on "connecting people and cascading excellence" and how this process has this process has been used to spread innovations in the U.S. army & at Facebook.
  • Why it is so difficult for most people to link their daily actions to their organisation's long term scaling goals and how to make it happen despite the obstacles.
What you'll Learn:
Participants will learn the principles that the best leaders and teams use to develop, spread, and instill the right mindsets in their people rather than watering down the very beliefs and actions that fuel their success. These principals include linking emotionally "hot" causes to tangible "cold" solutions; cutting "cognitive holds"-the deluge of unnecessary tasks and information-while still implementing necessary procedures and other complexities; and motivating people to act as if "I own the place and the place owns me." Scaling up excellence is the first management book devoted to the universal and vexing challenge of scaling up ad is destined to become the standard-bearer. The full day seminar will address many of the concerns Indian companies face in terms of driving business growth and profitability.
Who Should Attend:

Board Members, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CSOs, CIOs, CTOs, Presidents, EVPs, VPs, Executive Directors, Executives in-charge of Strategy and Innovation, and Business Heads, Entrepreneurs, SME Owners and their Senior Management.


What CEOs Say: please visit here http://kcapital-us.com/home/huggy/what-ceos.html
Registration Fees:
1 - 2 delegates: INR 30,000*
3 and more deleagtes: INR 27,500*
Early Bird Offer (till 23rd May 2014)
1 - 2 delegates: INR 27,500*
3 and more deleagtes: INR 26,000*
*Service Tax applicable @ 12.36% and above price is per participant.
Please feel free to call us on 09920822866 or reply to this email for any further information or assistance.
Look forward to you participation and nominations from your organisation.
Best wishes,
Rupali Foka
+919920 822 866

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