Monday, March 9, 2009

At Random from RajLibrarian

3.15pm : Sunday : 2009 March 08

Human mind indeed is more mysterious than we have understood it so far. So many incidences happen from morning till evening. In between we may happen to listen to our family members, friends or relatives or happen to read or see some things. The interesting part is we can interpret these things as we like them as we understand them, as we associate those things to actually what we really are and what we really think in terms of our backgrounds , readings and experiences. Another exciting and interesting thing about our mind is, we hear just the opposite of actually what is heard, we see and visualize things that are just the opposite of what they are. We hear to some one justifying the merits of socialism, and the fun is we reaffirm our stand on the merits of capitalism and democracy. This is one of the uniqueness of our mind. Yesterday night when I slept I had put alarm on my mobile to get up at 6.00pm so that my kids will get up for studies for their examinations (they are half way through their exams), I can plan well for the better utilization of the Sunday. My morning alarm at 5.00am or 5.30 or 6.00am is always a nuisance to Sharada. Everyday she gets up early…..but any thing earlier that she cant tolerate. She cant sleep once she hears the alarm and where as I never get up at the time the bell rings. She says when you cant get up why do you put the alarm? It is to wake me up….. What I think for the last so many years…….whether one achieves whatever is planned/anticipated or one needs to focus on the goal by planning and visualizing continuously non stop., I remember Michelangelo’s words from the quotes, next to “Mind over Matter” of today’s Times(Times of India 8-3-2009). “ The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving the mark”. And it is such of the thoughts that have deep rooted in mind, which continue to push forward on a regular basis to focus on higher aims, irrespective of whether I have ever been able to proceed even an inch forward!

This is my psyche and thought!

Today as it happens sometimes, I happened to glance through the centre page paper on Mind over matter(Follow your spirit/Shalini Singh.-Times of India, 8th March 2009). The author seemed to be quite well read with regard to global warming, climate change and spirituality as such. As I understand the paper tries to bring out the side effects of organized religion. Her commentary on the works of a spiritual guru and mass exodus of devotees towards his yoga camps is too rough and unpolished and to a certain extent uncalled for and….. One cannot understand spirituality and divinity by reading and scholarship. If the author has time at all, she should try to understand what it is actually otherwise she should be able to Offer an alternative. The so called educatedness and bookish scholarship does not lead one any where except for misleading the other innocents, who may at times be ill read and ill informed at times ill equipped in terms of logic and reasoning. The whole materialistic World(West), lost in their materialistic and lopsided thinking has been looking at India and Indian guru’s ( may not be connected to religion), for understanding , inspiration and divinity. Let us not forget this!

To Librarians:

Being librarians I know we are too engrossed in our Endeavour to bring quality services to our readers. We need to acquire knowledge, classify, catalogue and disseminate. We have fortunately now arrived at a prominent best practices that lead us effectively from establishing a library/knowledge back to maximizing the impacts of our professional services!

Let us not be lost in the box, let us not succumb to the situations and circumstances.

Let us empathize, look around and interact with the environment with an open mind,. Let us widen our scale of work and thinking. Let us keep-0 our thoughts ventilated. Let us assume consciously different possible roles to bring in fresh air into our set thought processes and isms. Let us be keen observers conscious citizens, pro active, leaders, scientists, social scientists poets, painters, philosophers and pragmatists at times as often – as regularly as possible.

Librarians, welcome home, widen our personal space, identify our uniqueness be ourselves that is what society and people around expect of us, identify ourselves, define ourselves in as clear terms as possible…….. shall we resolve?

Let us be as far away as possible from the so called “ IDENTITY CRISIS!”

(my apologies : the write is not edited for its correctness….it is as typed online and the first version of the author)
Rajashekhar Devarai ;

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