Monday, April 18, 2011

Problems refine, redefine and lead you towards realization ... LbnRaj


"Problems make us more compassionate.  They help us mature, and make us more resistant and the same time create sensitivity in us ….. Remember that from dirt emerges the beautiful lotus, from the scorching heart comes the shower of relief and from the depth of pain springs joy" Arup Mitra (The speaking Tree, Times of India, April 18, 2011)


The power of problems so overwhelming and over powering that we get lost in tremendous grief. We succumb to problems …. We rarely are able to see the green pastures that are opened up by each and every small or big problem. Problems can work for us for fine tuning of our skills and talents and innate strengths. Problems are a blessing …. Only thing we should not give up on our dreams and wishes. Hold on to your dream …. Hold on to your inner urges and go ahead ….. if nothing works for you …. Just hold on … every thing will be alright … just hold on….wait what you cannot resolve … solve …. Face …. God enables … God facilitates in such a way that …. A way is found once again under so much of grief and sorrow and darkness. There comes the small back … there comes a new hope. Librarians are people who normally don't succumb to problems …. They are winners as they leave it to God for the work of healing and soothing. Cheers …. !!!!! Face the problems …. Be honest …. Be yourself …. There is a way out … for sure just trust yourself …. Trust God.

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Librarianship is a noble profession