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BLOGFree Range Librarian comprises the public, oft-daily mumblings and grumblings of one Karen G. Schneider, a writer and librarian who has written over 100 articles and 2 books, primarily about Internet technologies for library trade publications.Her less technically-oriented works include essays, portraits, travelogues, video reviews, and a historically dubious account of Washington crossing the Delaware.From 1995 to 2001, as the Internet Librarian columnist for American Libraries (circulation 65,000), Schneider consistently ranked in magazine surveys as AL's most popular author.By day, Schneider is a drudge who meekly toils in the shadow of six brilliant librarians who select, evaluate, describe, and organize websites for the well-regarded Librarians? Index to the Internet, http://lii.org, a publicly-funded portal/announcement service focused toward librarians and lifelong learners.
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