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Thursday, May 28, 2009

20090528 - Friday - Take life as it comes to you consciously......

20090528 - Thursday - Life is full of surprises dear

Life is full of surprises dear. We try our level best to anticipate about what could happen the next moment the next day.....but a different thing an altogether different thing could happen....could get visulised. Funny and surprising know? When everything goes on smoothly......suddenly something which we never expected will come up before us. When everything is in disorder and shambles...orderlyness becomes visible. What I realise slowly and steadily is .... we should continue swimming. ...... dont feel the fear of distance of the shore ... and fear of the tides that may confront. We need to swim across ... with a good faith that ... we will reach the shore next moment or the next hour or the next day. Hope you will agree to this.
I just wonder ... how interesting and how uncertain and how unpredictible is life......
What ever is happening ... and whatever is going to happen........isn't it ok dear? Be smiling and take life as it comes consciously.