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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time management

Dear all,
As you know everybody in this world has a fixed time of 24 hours a day. Some of us have not much to do and are always trying to find out ways and means of how to spend time and get engaged. Some of us are not so busy and not so free. Some of us are very busy...and are running and running to complete so many things within this 24 hours a day. What seems to be important is how many things we accomplish or do, what is the quality of work done, how important are the things that we do. How important are our works as judged by others. Are we happy about what we are doing and what we are not doing. This is one of the big game every one is playing with time in this world. Time management is one of the most important thing that a successful leader or person handles successfully.
What ultimately is important is are we doing all the things that are dearer to hearts....or we are always trying to please others...continuously.
One of the secrets of success according to me is , one who does things dearer to his heart normally is appreciated by every one....and the time spent is justified. Let us do things dearer to our self and our own uniqueness. Happy time management!

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