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Monday, July 21, 2008

Know your Librarians Far and Wide - Series : Rebecca Blakiston


Rebecca Blackiston in her own words,
"As a budding library professional, I thought it was about time I started my own blog. This blog began as I was trekking through my final semester in library school in fall of 2007. There honestly isn’t much of a focus, but rather a general sharing of knowledge with the rest of the library world. I hope this will help facilitate discussion of various outreach and professional development activities, new technologies & other methods of reaching communities, and the future role of libraries and librarianship.
About me, I recently obtained my MLS from the School of Information Resources & Library Science (SIRLS) at the University of Arizona (UA). I began the program in the fall of 2005 and graduated this past December 2007. I was President of the Library Student Organization, our ALA Student Chapter, Spring 2006-Spring 2007, which was a fantastic experience. I also co-chaired the planning for our 3rd Annual Graduate Student Symposium held in November 2007.
I was full-time staff in the Materials Access Team (access services) at the UA Library starting in 2005, and held the title of Library Specialist, Library Information Associate, and Library Information Analyst. Prior to becoming staff I was a student worker (shelving, paging, maps, newspapers, circ desk, scanning, photocopy, you name it) for two years. In January 2008 I landed an Assistant Librarian position with the Undergraduate Services Team so now work primarily with reference services and instruction for first-year students. This is a temporary one-year contracted position so I am still actively seeking a permanent position for when this has run its course.
I have a passion for librarianship and its values, particularly teaching information literacy, promoting equity of access & freedom of information, participating in outreach to communities, and encouraging continuous learning. While my experiences have mostly been in the academic setting, I am very open to working in a variety of libraries, as long as they have the same commitments and support the same values that got me into this profession in the first place. We will see where this field takes me. I can’t say where but I am certainly up for the adventure!"

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