Friday, January 29, 2010

Librarianship as a profession. Source : LinkedIn



I have not regarded librarianship to be anything but a

profession, so this is new to me. It does have its odd

knacks and differs from country to country, so clue me

 in here like a reference interview.
Aside from what the authors say, what particularly do you

find in librarianship that prevents it from being a profession?

Would like to hear viewpoints.

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Dear Prof.Lloyd Wedes,

It is my previlege to be interacting with you on this crucial

topic of profession and professionalism. As you would be

well aware, sociologists, anthropologists ... and now

emerging group of scholars known as professiologists ...

have engaged themselves in the study of jobs, occupations,

careers and professions. Incidentally I happen to be a

student of Sociology.....and hence keep my

interest alive

for years on this topic. A couple of my papers are

published in this regard. They are only review

papers and not based on my individual research as such.

To get back to the question in hand ..... here are

my view points...observations :

-The status of our profession does not vary very

much across countries/nations.

-Aside from what the authors say, what particularly

do I find in librarianship that prevents it from being a

profession? I dont have a point of view as such on this

aspect. I am only reflecting on the results of such

studies by eminent researchers like : Goode and Hatt,

Talcott Parsons, Lancaster, P.K.Jaiswal, H.R.Chopra etc.

And I think I do trust and believe the results of these studies.

They all unanimously seem to agree that ... the history

of LIS as a profession is short compared to established

professions like Law, Medicine, Ministry.
Professiologists consider LIS to be an emerging profession.

Our works are still not being treated as indispensible by others.

We have low status and prestige in society. We are not engaged

in any life saving ... and crucial avocations.

Our identity as Librarians is still not established far

and wide. There are alwlays people who will ask......

who are these librarians........what do

you do as a

librarian... issue and return books......keep books

neatly on the racks. Our knowledge base is not still

established and accepted as worth while either by scientists. I once again make

it clear........these are not my personal opinions

and viewpoints. These are the points that I have

 gathered from the research on this topic.

-I am not sure if I have answered your

question..... the question is not so simple ...

 as you can understand. The topic is quite debatable......

and controversial as such not only for librarians.........

.but all jobs and careers and vocations......who aspire for

the status of a full fledged profession.

Thank you professor.

Rajashekhar Devarai
Chief Librarian
Asian School of Business Management,

Bhubaneswar, India


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