Saturday, July 16, 2011

flower, concentration and success !!!!!!

  1. "Lack of concentration means inefficiency.  But what is not generally known is that a concentrated mind succeeds not only because it can solve problems with greater dispatch, but also because problems have a way of somehow vanishing before its focused energies, without even requiring to be solved.  Concentration awakens our powers and channels them, dissolving obstacles in our path, attracting opportunities, insights, and inspirations.  In many ways, concentration is the single most important key to success. .... We are the infinite light, and love, and joy, and wisdom of God.  Our concentration should be so deep that the consciousness of diligent practice is refined into an effortless process of divine becoming." - Swami Kriyananda (Speaking Tree, Times of India, July 16, 2011).
  2. "The Dance of the flower in the wind, in the sun, in the rain, cannot be understood by the head; the heart has to be open for it" - Osho (Sacred Space, Times of India, July 16, 2011). 

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