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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tanya our family friend from St.Petersberg

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fw: Hello from Tatyana - St Petersbert - Russia

Hello from Tatyana - St.Petersberg - Russia


-- On Thu, 16/7/09, tatyana moskovtseva <> wrote:

From: tatyana moskovtseva <;
Subject: Hello
Date: Thursday, 16 July, 2009, 1:55 AM

Hello dear Raj ! `

I hope you are safe and sound . Mostly people are busy in summer with their different affairs.

As to me … I am so sorry that I don't write you. It is destiny of all my friends in internet.. I'm too busy with my English lessons that I give to some pupils, with my work in boiler house, with my grandson , with my garden.. Now I gather strawberries and raspberries and sell them.

Besides my Russian friend which now lives in Israel asked me to arrange excursion for people from Israel . And you know my English is worthy to talk about everyday and common things but not about art, history, architecture and so on. I'm professional guide, yet only in Russian ,

So I'm reading special books in English, listening CD and try all what I know about Saint-Petersburg in Russian to translate in English. It is terrible ! so many new terms and special words I must know! And I have very bad pronunciation because of my defect: I fail pronounce sound "R" in Russian :- )

I'm afraid very much. How it will be my first excursion? If I would manage, we agreed with my friend that he would send other tourists to me. And maybe it will be a new job for me?

At any rate all my friends which will come to Petersburg (perhaps) will be pleased with me and my guiding them around Petersburg .

So I invite you again, yet I will be little free in the middle of August.

I send some photos of my garden this spring, my apple-trees and my cherry-trees… it is the tiny piece of it. and trip to Italy . I've been twice abroad in my life. To the east and to the west… and if I would go anywhere again… I'm choosing certainly India and Nepal again.. not Europe .

Please write me how are you, what are you doing,… and don't forget me ..I remember all of you, say my warm hello Sharada and children.

unfortunately I use my internet for exchange letters with my friends in late autumn and winter… in general

I hope soon my days will not be so hectic .

best wishes and with love to your family.


Unfotunetly I stopped my writing about trip for a while, which lasts already year...

as to your work in russia, it is useless ...because I , for example, a good editor can`t find job, a lot of professors now without job. russia now (and before) never appreciates its minds and educated people. In India is not the same. You should live in here to understand it, and you should live in here to make proper agquintances to make cariera....

I will send you my post addres, yet later, I must find out how it sounds in english, besides i don`t know my post cod,