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Shelfari website, particularly the virtual shelf and the display of new books
on it is very appealing, slowly kindling my interest in reading books.

By nature, I am an egotistict person with an autobiographical tendency. Before I complete reading a book, I will be overwhelmed by my own experiences and ideas.

My composition book during my school days used to be almost blank and the following year I used to write my autobiography in that near-blank book.

It was a hit with my friends and seniors! What a respect and veneration we had for seniors during those good old days.

My staple websites/blogs are dgroups,,,,, vasat blog, plantcultures, Forest flora of Andhra pradesh, plants for a future and of course Agrovoc. These days I have drifted a bit from librarianship. Besides these I like and

Sugunasri Maddala

Independent Information Consultant



Devarai, Andheri East, Mumbai , Email :



To achieve high levels of professionalism by practicing Library/Information Science and Knowledge Management





(I). Contributions/Communications:

(Ia) papers, essays : library and information science :

(Ia1) Prasad Rao, VTV and Devarai, RS.1987. Place of Library In progressive methods of Teaching. Vidyalaya Patrika, Kendriya Vidyalaya No.II Uppal Hyderabad.

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(Ia7) Kalyane, V.L. and Devarai, R.S.1994. Informatics on C.S.Venkatram. IN New Horizons in Library and Information Science : Dr.Velaga Venkatappiah Festschrift Volume. Madras : T.R.Publications.

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(Ia16) Devarai,R.S., 2008. Biotechnology, IPRs and Biodiversity/M.B.Rao and Manjula Guru.-New Delhi : Dorling Kindersely,2007 : a Book Review. Akruti Journal of Infrastructure, April 2008 3(1).

(Ib) Papers, Essays (Kannada)

(Ib1) Devarai, Ra. Sha. 1977. Kayaka mattu shranaru. pp12-15 IN Karnataka Arts and Science Colleges Miscellany/M.N .Joshi( Dharwad:KCD.

(Ib2) Devarai, R.S. 1991. Marmika Chintana. Uttara karnataka. 6 March, 1992 (Letter to the editor.)

(Ib3) Devarai,R.S. and Sharada,R.D.1993. Huttu Saavu : Chintane (Life and death - analyses). Uttara karnataka. January 9, 1993 (an essay in Kannada).

(Ib4) Devarai , R.S. 1993. Hora naadally kannada (kannada outside karnataka) . Uttara Karnataka. January 23, 1993.

(Ic) Verse (English)

(Ic1) Devarai, R.S. 1989. Restless Union. Independent Spirit Weekly. March 3, 1989.

(Id) Verse (Kannada)

(Id1) Devarai,R.S.1989. Saavugalu badukugalu.Independant Spirit Weekly. February 27, 1989.

(Id2) Devarai,R.S.1989. Halatu Hosatu. Janadani. March31,1989.

(Id3) Devarai,R.S.1989. Karagi hodaavu digantagalali. Parihara Dina Patrike. June 15, 1989.

(Id4) Devarai,R.S.1989. Aake nannaakeyaguvake. Parihara Dina Patrike. July 22, 1989.


(Ie) Reports (Unpublished)

(Ie1) Devarai, R.S. 1982. An outing in to the industries - an industrial tour report submitted in partial fulfillment of the degree of Master of Arts (Sociology), Department of Studies in Sociology, Gulbarga university, Gulbarga.

(Ie2) Devarai,R.S.1989. Workshop on information Technology and Agricultural Libraries Information Network. December 4-8, 1989 (NAARM). A report submitted to the Project Director, Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad.

(If) Presentation of Papers in Seminars/Symposium
(If1) Devarai, R.S. 1991. Information for the common man and the future of Librarianship : critical analysis (Paper presented in the seminar on “Books for the Common Man” Jointly organized by Academy of Library Science and Documentation, . Hyderabad and Hyderabad Book Fair Authority held at City Central Library, Hyderabad on 10.03.1991 (Paper published in Indian Journal of Information, Library and Society 6(1-2) 1993.

(If2) Devarai,R.S. and Damodaram, T.1992. Contribution of Rao Saheb Ranganathan Vis-a-vis the professional development of librarians : study in Professiology (presented in the Seminar on “Impact of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan on the Growth and Development of Library and Information Science organized by the Department of Library and Information Science, Osmania university, Hyderabad on 11th and 12th August 1992. (Paper published in University News XXX (45) 11-13pp.

(If3) Ramesh,L.S.R.C.V and Devarai,R.S.1994. Evaluation of Public Relations under the changed concept of Public Libraries. Submitted for reading the paper in the Seminar on “New Trends in Public Library Services” being Jointly organized by State Central Library Hyderabad and Academy of Library Science and documentation Hyderabad (Communicated for presentation in the Seminar). Paper Published in Library Today 16 (5) 2-5pp May 1994.

(II) Invited Lecture
Delivered an invited lecture organized by Academy of Library Science and Documentation, Hyderabad at City Central Library Hyderabad o n 25th February 1994. Topic: Librarianship and the Professional: Sociological critique.

(III) Foreign Visit
Participated as an Official Delegate of National Institute of Fashion Technology Hyderabad in the 64th IFLA Conference on “Cross Roads of Information and Culture” August 16-21,1998 ( ) and International Fashion Fairs : MXL Men’s Wear - Exchange-Pure Women’s Wear r-40’ - The future of fashion, 23-24 August, 1998 at Amsterdam and London.

(IV) Participation in International Seminar
Participated as an official delegate of NIFT Hyderabad in the International Conference organized by Federation de Documentation viz, “FID Conference” held in New Delhi, 1998. ( )

(V) Editing
(V1) Ranga Rao,V. and Ramachandram,M.(Eds) ; Damodaram,T., Devarai,R.S. and Vittal,K.S.R (Editorial Assistance). 1991. Second international Safflower Conference, Hyderabad, India, January 9-13, 1989 : Proceedings. Hyderabad : Indian Society of Oilseeds Research.

(V2) Damodaram,T (Editor / Compiler) ; Devarai, R.S. (Editorial Associate). : OSDOC Bulletin (Monthly Documentation Serial on Oilseeds) . Hyderabad: Directorate of Oilseeds Research.

(V3) Damodaram , T (Editor / Compiler) ; Devarai, R.S. (Editorial Associate). : DOR PRESS CLIPPINGS. Hyderabad : Directorate of Oilseeds Research.

(V4) Devarai, R.S. and Mohan,M.C. 2000. HYFASHION - Celebrating Half a Decade of NIFT Hyderabad - Souvenir. Hyderabad : National Institute of Fashion Technology.

(VI) Teaching :

I have been actively engaged in teaching for various classes i.e. for both regular and continuing education students in “Library/Resource Centre Instructions”, RESEARCH METHODOLOGY/RESEARCH REPORTING..

(VII) Biographical Note :

A biographical note included in the publication, “Men of Achievement/Hellen Turnbull ( ed)”, 16th ed.- International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

(VIII). Planning/Leadership :

I had an opportunity to initiate and plan Library and Information Services at : Kendriya Vidyalaya No.II Uppal Hyderabad, Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Rajendranagar (as a team member), Hyderabad and National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad. Presently responsible for initiation, establishment and management of Library of Akruti City Foundation for Knowledge and Research, Mumbai.

IX. Languages Known :

English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu.

X. Important Specialization’s :

Library and Information Centre Establishment and Management, Sociology, Psychology, Sociology of Professions, Sociology of Librarianship, Information needs of professionals

XII. Memberships

Life Member :

1. Academy of Library Science and Documentation

(Email address :

2. Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres

(Email Address ;

Web site: )

3. National Academy of Agricultural Research Management Alumni Association ( Email Address : )

4. Indian Sociological Society (

5. Indian Academy for American Studies (Formerly : American Studies Research Centre - ASRC),

6. Indian Library Association (Web address : ; Email : )

7. Karnataka Sahitya Mandira., Hyderabad

8. Bombay Science Librarians Association, Mumbai


1979 B.A., Karnataka Arts College, Dharwad (Karnataka University Dharwad ) ( arts college.htm)

1980 B.L.I.Sc, Department of Library and Information Science , Karnataka University, Dharwad.


1982 M.A., Department of Studies in Sociology , Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, (

1995 M.L.I.S. , Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, (


1967 Rastra Bhasha Pradhamik Pariksha, Rastra Bhasha Prachara Samithi, Vardha

1968 Rastra Bhasha Prarambhik Pariksha, Rastra Bhasha Prachara Samithi, Vardha

1972 UN INF.TEST, United Schools Organization of India New Delhi

1973 Drawing Examination (Lower Gr.), Mysore Secondary Education , Examination Board.

1977 Shivanubhava Pravesh Pariksha, Akhila Bharat Shivanubhav Samshte, Dharwad.

2001 Passed ISO quality auditor test.


1981-1982:Librarian, Karnataka Law College, Bidar, Karnataka Rastriya Education Society, Bidar. Being the first professionally qualified Librarian for a short spell. I had an unique opportunity to plan and initiate the Library and Information Services to the Students and Faculty members of the college. The college is affiliated to Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. (

1982-1988:Librarian, Kendriya Vidyalaya, No.II Uppal, Hyderabad. Being the first professionally qualified Librarian, I planned and organized the Library and Offered Library and Information Services to the students and teachers of the school. Developed School library as a Centre of creative and self learning. Kendriya Vidyalayas’ are prestigious schools under the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan - an Autonomous Body under Ministry of Education, Government of India. (

1988-1995:Assistant Librarian, Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad-500030. Directorate of Oilseeds Research is a Research Organization under Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) - an autonomous body under Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. As a member of the first team of Professionally qualified Librarians I was involved in Planning, Organizing, Initiating and Streamlining Library and Information Services for the benefit of the Scientists engaged in applied and basic Research. Actively participated in initiating and nurturing Documentation and Information Services and the project of Library Automation and Computerization. An International Software titled, “CDS/ISIS was employed for computerizing Library and Information Services.

1995-2006:Head Librarian and I/C Resource Centre, National Institute of Fashion Technology - A College of Design , Management and Technology, Hyderabad. National Institute of Fashion Technology is a prestigious autonomous Institution under Ministry of Textiles - Government of India. National Institute of Fashion Technology has International Collaborations and Memoranda of Understanding with prestigious foreign Institutions and Universities like Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, IFM Paris and Nottingham Trend University , United Kingdom. As seen in my earlier jobs/assignments I have had a rare distinction and opportunity for planning and organizing new Library and Information Centres. My earlier experience in Planning and Organizing new Library and Information Centres helped me in taking this challenge of Planning, Collection Development and Initiating Library and Information Documentation Services for NIFT Hyderabad. This assignment is again a challenging opportunity, for the collection required to be strengthened comprise books, periodicals, materials like fabric swatches , Garments, Art Materials, and Various Fashion Accessories. I took this rare occasion to use tools and Techniques of Library and information Science in organizing Resource Centre which comprises of Library, Materials and Audio Visual Wings.

2006 – Currently working as the Librarian and Documentationalist since October 2006, at Akruti Citygold Institute, Mumbai. Responsible for establishment and management of a State of art World class Library/Knowledge Centre.

Special Distinctions :

1. Establishment and Management of Resource Centre comprising Library, Materials and Audio Visual Wings.

2. Standardization of Policy, Plan, Objectives and Procedures of Resources – ISO Certification.

3. Introduction of Resource Centre Training Programme.

4. Resource Centre Computerization / Data base creation.

Bar-coding and automation of circulation system.

5. Initiation of Press Clippings Service.

6. Contribution to the Face lifting of reputed Indian Fashion Journal viz. “Fashion and Beyond” as a Centre Coordinator.

7. Extension of Library hours from 8 hours to 13 hours a day from Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 5.30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

8. Experience in NIFT Hyd. as I/C Purchase Officer and I/C Guest House.

Professional Competence

1. Establishment of a new Resource Centre / Library

2. Standardization of Resource Centre / Library

Services -leading towards ISO Certification.

3. 24 Hours Library and Information Services

4. Computerization of Library and Information


5. Initiation of on job training programme for Library

and Information Professionals

6. Initiation of User Instruction Service


(1) 1980: Participated in the “Orientation – cum – Workshop for NSS Officers and Volunteers on - Family life and sex education” conducted by Family Planning Association of India, Gulbarga Unit, Gulbarga.

(2) 1980-81 : Served as Group Leader of the National Service Scheme Unit, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga.

(3) 1980-81: Secured 3rd prize in the Essay competition conducted by the National Service Scheme Unit, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga .

(4) 1980-81: Secured Second prize in the debate competition organized by the National Service Scheme Unit, Gulbarga university, Gulbarga.

(5) August 6, 1981: Participated in the Radio Programme on “How to get rid of our inferiority complexities” broadcast on 6-8-1981 at 7.45pm by All India Radio Gulbarga.

(6) December 8-10, 1981: Participated and Assisted Organizers in Lapro scopic Operations camp organized by Family Planning Association of India, Gulbarga as a student volunteer.

(7) 1982-83 : Actively participated in Planning exercises, surveys and group projects during the year 1982-83 as a student of School of Planning, Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Navarangpura, Ahmedabad, 1982-83 (Gujarat).

(8) Enacted/directed four English plays/skits in Kendriya Vidyalaya No.II, Uppal, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh):

(8.1) 1984: The Princess and the Woodcutter on School Annual Day , 1984.

(8.2) 1986: “The man without a name”, was enacted for Inter Kendriya Vidyalaya Cultural Competition. The play bagged the First Prize with a rolling shield in Inter CBSE one Act play competition conducted by OASIS SCHOOL, Hyderabad.

(8.3) 1987-88 : “Chandalika” One act play was the Kendriya Vidyalaya No.II entry for Inter CBSE one act play competition conducted by OASIS School, Hyderabad in which the girl who played “Chandalika” got the BEST CHILD ACTRESS AWARD.

(9) 1987-1995: Assisted Project Director/Junior Scientific Officer, Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad, in the preparation of Annual Progress Reports: 1. Correction of stencils, 2. Sorting and set making etc.

(10) 4th December 1989 to 8th December 1989: Participated in the “Workshop on Information Technology and Agricultural Information Network”, conducted by National Academy of Agricultural Research Management - ICAR.

(11) 1991: Provided editorial assistance to Dr.V.Ranga Rao and Dr.M.Ramachandram (Editors) in bringing out the publication, “1991: ISOR (Indian Society of Oilseeds Research). Proceedings of the Second International Safflower Conference, January 9-13, 1989. Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad - 500030, Andhra Pradesh.

(12) 1991 : Participated in the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Inter Institutional Sports Meet (Table Tennis)., conducted by National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (1991) Hyderabad.

(13) 1992 : Participated in Indian Council of Agricultural Research Inter Institutional Sports Meet (Table Tennis).

(14) 28th September 1992 - 9th October 1992 : Completed a Course on Computer application in libraries (CDS/ISIS) conducted by National Academy of Agricultural Research Management - ICAR, Hyderabad.

(15) August 2-5, 1993 : Served as a member of the Press and Publicity Committee (Local Organizing Committee) for the National Seminar on “Oilseeds Research and Development in India : status and strategies held on 2-5, August, 1993, Hyderabad.

(16) December 1993 : Participated in a Workshop tilted, “Karyalayeen Hindi organized by Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad. The objective of the Workshop was to implement Hindi Language in Official correspondence.

(17) 1994 : Associated in the proof correction work of the publication: MVR Prasad, R.Kalpana Sastri, C.V.Raghaviah and T.Damodaram.1994. Sustainability in Oilseeds. Indian Society of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad (Papers and Proceedings of the National Seminar on Oilseeds Research and Development in India: Status and Strategies” held on 2-5 August, 1993, Hyderabad.

(18) 26.09.1994. : Secured Third Prize in Prashnottari Pratiyogitha (Hindi Questionnaire test) conducted on account of Hindi Day Celebration by Rajabhasha Karyanvayan Samithi - Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad.

(19) 1995 : Appointed as an Honorary Member of the International Biographical Centre - Advisory Council - Cambridge : England, May, 1995.

(20) A biographical note included in the publication titled ‘Men of Achievement/Hellen Turnbull (ed) - 16th ed - Cambridge - England.

(21) Appointed Honorary member of the Research Board of Governors, The American Biographical Institute.

(22) 1990-2001 : Member, Management Committee, Academy of Library Science and Documentation, Hyderabad.

References :

1.Dr.B.V.Somasekhar, Deputy Director General,

Apparel Export Promotion Council
Apparel House, Institutional Area Sector-44, Gurgaon-122003 Haryana
Phone: 0124-2708000-3
Fax : 0124-2708004

Tel :0124-2708016(D), 2708039(PS), 9868149268(M),

Website :

email :

2.Prof.Chandrashekhar Rao, Prof and Dean ,

Dept of Library and information Science,

Prof. G. Ram Reddy Marg, Road No. 46
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500 033. A.P. India.

Website :

Phone Numbers: EPBX No's:+91 040 23546271 / 23546272 / 23546616 / 23544771

Additional Details

Name : Rajashekhar

Fathers Name : Shanthappa Devarai;

Sex : Male,

Marital Status : Married,

Name of the Spouse : Sharada

Children : one daughter – Chennabasamma Devarai studying in std IX and one Son – Pankaj Devarai studying in std V;

Date of Birth : 31st March 1958;

Nationality : Indian;

Parents : Mother : Mahadevi, Father - Shantappa Devarai – a renowned poet and literary figure of Northern Hyderabad Karnataka region - staying at Bidar:Karnataka. Three younger brothers and two younger sisters – all independent now.

Identification Marks : A wound mark on right hand side of forehead.
Email :



The cosmos is full of life, energy and activity and mysteries. We many a time tend to think that, thinking like this is as if a waste. Forgetting that our very birth and existence is no less a mystery. We come across many a times friends saying, “Life has become monotonous, no change, no thrill and no enjoyment….., I am sick of this stand still state of affairs”. Why do we normally feel like this. The thing is , we become so much outward…and objective and physical and realistic…. That we miss the cosmic reality which we come across many a times…at every walk and action and moment of our day today lives. Is it not a wisdom to look beyond what is visible….what is implied….what is between the lines. When we plan our life so much….use latest method of time management… to achieve what we want to achieve…..cosmos interferes with or without our awareness…..we adopt to those things which are given to us….we don’t know really…when and how…nature gives us….what we think was due to us. The balance that we strike in life between what we want to do, how much we are able to do. … much is realized of what we wanted to do…how many things that we wanted to do and achieve have not happened indeed, ……the balance that strikes in these trials and tribulations… it wholly or partially only due to our so called own initiatives?

The way we behave in society is no less a mystery. How many times we don’t wonder on our own acts and activities. How many times we confess for doing wrong things…..that looked wrong to us….after what has happened. How many times do we not succeed in making others believe on exactly the opposite of what we did…..and what we thought! How many times did we not take pride in boosting ourselves of our so called fallacious success….misleading others on what was utterly wrong according to our own conscience! We take pride in doing right things. We take pride in not doing…..and proving that we did it. We take pride in encouraging others to achieve. We take pride in encouraging others to go wrong. We feel sad that we could not get hold of the comforts of life. We feel sad that others are more comfortable than us.
How many times do we realize that we become sad and happy for the same distractions and achievements in life.

Mysteries are more mysterious than we think. Mysteries are more abundant than we think. The greatest mysteries are in and around us… need to go far off to Himalayas!

Life is mysterious. Life is wonderful. If on the way of life, we miss the understanding and realization of thrill, uncertainty, doubt and discomfort……we really have missed a lot….we are going to miss a lot. Before it is too late… busy….do things…come up in life….be

significant……….but…but……don’t miss life itself…which is another name for mystery!.........

Jeevipriya, 30th May 2008, 12.25pm

Knowledge is power. Librarians continue to be knowledge professionals. gbgv...1816....
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