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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Librarianship is a noble profession.

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Subject: orkut - N K C REPORT BY SAM PATRODA
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Date: Tuesday, 14 July, 2009, 7:56 AM


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
Public libraries play a pivotal role in dissemination

of knowledge. In your inaugural address for the

National Knowledge Commission on 2nd August

2005, you had recognized public libraries as an

extremely important element of the foundation

of a knowledge economy. Following up from this,

the NKC has consulted extensively with diverse

stakeholders. As part of this process, we also

constituted a Working Group of experts and

professionals. Their names are listed at the

end of this letter. There is a widespread

agreement that there is an urgent need for reform

in the Libraries and Information Services (LIS) sector.

Several initiatives in this regard have already been

taken by the Government. Our recommendations

for formulating strategies in the LIS sector are as follows:

1.0 Set up a National Commission on

Libraries: A permanent, independent and

financially autonomous National Commission

on Libraries should be eventually set up by the

Central Government as a statutory body to address

all the information and learning needs of the citizens

of India. To launch the process in mission mode, a

National Mission on Libraries should be set up

immediately, for a period of three years. The

Mission should subsequently be converted into

a Permanent Commission. Further details

regarding the role of the proposed National

Mission/ Commission on Libraries are at Annexure 1.

2.0 Prepare a National Census of all Libraries:

A national census of all libraries should be

prepared by undertaking a nation-wide survey.

Collection of census data on libraries would

provide baseline data for planning. The Task

Force that has been set up by the Department

of Culture for this purpose should be given financial

and administrative support to implement this activity

and complete the survey on a priority basis (within

one year). Survey of user needs and reading habits

should be periodic at the national level as part of the

National Sample Survey.

3.0 Revamp LIS Education, Training and Research facilities:

The propo

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