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Monday, January 17, 2011

Vinita asks a question, “Why cant we stop “I”ing to the outer world and start “eyeing” our inner selves? As Librarians how do we answer this question? January 17, 2011; Monday

Vinita asks a question, "Why cant we stop "I"ing to the outer world and start "eyeing" our inner selves? As Librarians how do we answer this question? January 17, 2011; Monday
What is this going beyond after all?  Is it about being contended, being selfless, being egoless being broad minded, being inclusive, being tolerant, being happy for what we are and being proud about being amongst the commoners and the greats simultaneously? The answer to this question puts librarians and the librarianship in perspective.  The answer to this question has potential to position librarian and librarianship to the centre place of social fabric.  We can graduate to the indispensable value systems of social  life making way for much awaited and coveted title of being a full fledged profession.  to put it in understandable terms an occupation moves from being a work and job to being a profession and a calling.  When the he, she, it, they, are put in focus, the I and me concerns get more boost and more calling from every where.
What this means to a Librarian?
  1. Being a Librarian let us be what we are and what we stand for.  We  are and will be more comfortable if we are comfortable with what we are as a librarian.
  2. We don't need status comparable to that either of a teacher, scientist or manager or leader or a scholar.  We  have to emerge your self as a true librarian.  lot remains to be done to be a librarian, to be a true librarian.  We can never go further, grow further if we are moved by the glamour of fascinating titles like, a manager, leader or a teacher.
  3. Status does not come with fancy titles, it comes and builds upon our intrinsic potentials and credentials.
  4. User first, members first, patrons first : Our stability and status are closely interlinked to our action and activities and services.  We should make our space and get into doing what others are not into doing.  That makes us indispensable.  When we go further and further in this regard we be come indispensable and we become eligible for what we really deserve from people around and society at large.
  5. Yes, we have to speak the language of he, she, they and you.  Let us place the reader, user, member, patron in the centre place and we will be  on the right track.
  6. There is nothing less in what we are and what we stand for.  We are already at the centre of social fabric.  It is time to realize and introspect.  We had arrived at this centre space long long before.  It is now, again to re assert and go as closer to this reality as possible.  It is possible.  It is possible, because we are already what we wanted to be?
  7. It is time we really stand for what we are ….. this ideal is no less an ideal.  Let society give / bestow  upon us what it rightfully thinks as right and due and true.
We are librarians, we are professionals, nothing more nothing less.  So what if we  still continue to emerge into the best of  what we are!
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LbnRaj, ;
(Inspiration : Let us go beyond 'I' / Vinita Dawra Nangia.-Times of India, January 16, 2011).
Librarianship is a noble profession

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lbn Raj idling on a July Sunday


LbnRaj idling on a July Sunday:


What inspired Lbn. Raj: (1) A bittersweet comeback/ Indrani Rajkhova Banerjee- Times of India, July 18, 210 (Times Life!) (2) In your darkest moment/ Vinita.Nangia, Times of India-O-zone, 18 July, 2010.


It is but natural by looking at great lives of remarkable people, to realize the uniqueness & importance of ones own ups & downs, highs & lows. How interesting it is now to recollect as to how we stumbled upon our first job or business, how we felt on our first serious failures in our first jobs. The more experienced we became may be more serious issues we faced with. Highs & lows are but spices to our lives. What is life of a person who never changed his tracks, who never saw/ or gone in for the so called change of business or a change of a job or has never opportuned to resign or put ones foot down when one cant go away further in anything, when one succeeds to have something which he/she dreamt for long. It is but quite possible what after one fulfills ones desire/ dreams. One may feel- how worth it was to long for such an ordinary not so great a thing! I realise of late dreaming about some jobs, fortune or companion does not & should not be put to vote in terms of profitability or utility or usefulness. The beauty is in the dream itself, not  in the person or the thing dreamt about. Life minus dreams is a life lived worthlessly. It is not necessary that all dreams should get realized. The very fact that one keeps dreaming is a proof of ones liveliness & hope To put it in simple terms the very process of dreaming in unique, special, beautiful and incomparable, incomparable even to the very thing or person dreamt about. The best highs & worst lows in ones life add all variety & spice for a brighter higher high than one had ever imagined. It is impossible to realize the importance of highs if one has never had so called terrible lows. Coming to this very moment in which are conforted at the moment … dwell on that as consciously as possible. Nothing gets erased in life. It is a cumulative process. As we selectively divide to recollect some things out of "n' number of past things we were faced with ….. those things roll open for us from the recycle bin- if at all they were deleted. Nothing in life gets deleted even if you empty your recycle bins as often. It is all present in the cloud, virtually or real life as well. Nothing in life, no decisions in ones life are good or bad… the course of life get shaped as we go along knowingly or unknowingly. What makes us decide a particular way? At the very moment of a decision, at that very spur, our interests, inclinations & likings work & we divide accordingly. It is impossible for the second person to influence the decision of the next person. Decisions are so personal. The level of highs & lows of human adamancy are so strong & innate, that it is humanly impossible to impact. In the heart of the heart, the person who looks like having impacted upon – gets convinced, gets realized to some where some how to align to a particular thing or phenomena or ism. At the surface level ok. We get influenced by people & thoughts around, true. But what gets decided is two personal a thing, at the core. One interesting thing about decisions is…. That it is true & meaningful to the person at that moment only. If you think you agree & disagree simultaneously is absolutely wrong. You agreed one second ago- that was the truth, you disagreed one second later- that was the truth, not both agreeing & disagreeing simultaneously.


I know, I started with my reading of what Indrani's write up & Vinita's thought in Times…….. now hardly I remember what she was talking about. Every one, every writer consciously, unconsciously starts with news stimuli………. internally or externally. I really don't know why a mark…. is necessary to start wring or speaking or gossiping. I am not whether the so called busy successful people even be able to read what I write…… but to certain extent…. I think I am right…..the people like me who happen to stumbled on idle holidays & Sundays will read. Is idling a sin?


Yes, n numbers of writers identify & highlight the darker sides of individuals, Alas! n numbers of writers ignore the finer sides of individuals. Darker & finer sides of personality are to be acknowledged. Can we spot some who never has darker sides, or some one else who never has finer sides? The finest & the darkest sides are present in each & every one. This is the fact. The fact is….. whose finer & darker sides are in the limelight? It is impossible to revert & identify the best & finer sides of people, had there been no one with darker sides. We live in an agreed up social set up- finer sides have acceptance &  the darker side sides have no acceptance.



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Lbn. Raj