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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lucid dreams !

Lucid Dreams !
December 25, 2011
People and scientists and metaphysicists should look beyond the results of the study conducted on biblical religious encounters by Michael Raduga reported in LiveScience Sleep Researchers conducted at Out of Body Experience Centre in Los Angeles is indeed a yeomen service to unlock the universal mysteries and myths.  The results of such studies should not in any way be believed or taken on their face value.  Such results should be taken as only elementary and crude explorations of cosmic consciousness.  Fictions are more true  and universal than facts.  Facts will have no value and substance in the absence of fictions.  And hence study of fictions attract more attention and hard work to explore and experiment compared to facts which are amenable to human capabilities.  There are millions of such angel encounters / extra body experiences in other religious / spiritual faiths as well.  It is time, we open up the flood gates of metaphysical researches further on such elementary findings.  Well done Raduga, let the so called out of science researchers start off further on where you left.  Congrats!  Whether we wish or not fictions abound our human life more than facts and angels / apsara’s and devakanyas frequent us more often than we think and find out.  Angels Jindabad ! Fictions jindabad !
Rajashekhar Devarai : Reference : Times of India / Visions of angels could just be lucid dreams.-Times of India, December 25, 2011.

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