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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Librarians Thank Swati Deshpande

Social networking is order of the day,of course true only for the networked world. Swati Deshpande 's article (times of India, 27/04/2010)is an eye opener for worried parents about their kids.Of course there are many problems about kids getting online on social networking sites as kids really either don't know about privacy settings or they don't just bother.
Now as librarians where are we? all said & done virtual world has become more real than the real world.Social Networking opens whole lot of options for our professional development . Go to any networking sites like orkut, face book, tube,twitter will find librarians. Now it is much easier & convenient to get in touch with any librarian from anywhere in the world through social networks: Let us explore possibilities of encasing on this wonderful world of networking .Let us talk about it .Let us cope up with the ever changing world.

Best Wishes

Raj librarian


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