Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guard your words and work towards perfection ......

Guard your words


We should always be soft spoken.  Sweet speech has the ability to attract one and all.  On the contrary, vitriolic speech keeps people away.  That is why one should always be soft spoken so that it enhances brotherhood and affection. – Yajureda (Sacred Space : Times of India, December 2, 2010)


Towards perfection


Don't hesitate to ask or take help.  You are what you are which is a happy person preserving your spirit and that is the only thing which will decide your success in life. … love and essence of your being which is always unique and special and in pursuit of perfection. .. Where you feel you have to improve, work at it.  But where society feels you have not made the mark, make an indelible one with your vain spirit, even it it takes a little longer to do so. – Sudhamahi Reghunathan ( The Speaking Tree, Times of India, December 2, 2010)

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