Monday, June 30, 2008

good morning 30th June 2008

Hi Librarians!

Good Morning!

There are to two buttons for my cuff straps of my shirt (right hand). I normally wear my watch on the right hand. Morning when I get ready for office I wrongly put the first button which makes it very tight to my wrist. Added to it there is a watch. It is natural I must use the second button. But every time I forget this and but the first button...and then I remove and then put the second button. I dont know when may be very first button is gone .... I dont know when. You know now the button which I used to butt wrongly every day is gone. Now without fail I have to use the second button only which is very comfortable because it accommodates the watch as well. Many things which were for so long hurdles in our lives are taken care by nature/god un awares. We forget to thank God. There are innumerable times when God facilitates our living.....if we are careful in observation we can notice. By habbit we only keep cursing God about things that he has not given us. My Librarian friends while managing our libraries our focus is normally on things that we dont have....or things that create troubles....or things that make us unhappy. Let us open our minds to see that there are many things and facilities around...which can indeed make our lib mgt and services more more effective and worthwhile. Cheers! Look around be proud of the things you possess just like....!!! Be happy are a noble continue to be a knowledge professional!


Librarianship is a noble profession.


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