Thursday, September 8, 2011

From a dieing man

My name is Ain Azwan i am a citizen of Brunei but presently in a private
hospital in the United kingdom suffering from Pharyngeal Cancers (throat cancer)
and the doctors said i have fee months to live. I have a lot of things i did
wrong and i want to make peace with God and my self before i die. The truth is i
want to give my last estates to some that have the fear of God and can use the
funds for the good of humanity. Someone that is not like my brothers who kept
the funds i gave the to use for charity for themselves. You have to look in your
heart before you reply this mail if you are that man. I will also need i little
introductions from you. All the prove and the documents will be provided to you
as the trust grow. Take this as the last wish of a dying man
Ain Azwan