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Fw: Swets Appoints Rakesh Malik as Country Manager for Greater India

Librarianship is a noble profession.

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Subject: Swets Appoints Rakesh Malik as Country Manager for Greater India
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Lisse, The Netherlands and New Delhi, India

25 November 2008


Swets appoints Rakesh Malik as Country Manager for Greater India


Following the recent opening of its Delhi based Indian office, Swets is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rakesh Malik as its Country Manager for Greater India.


"We are delighted that Rakesh has joined us," says Debbie Dore, Swets' Chief Commercial officer. "Our ambition is to bring further transparency to the subscriptions and e-content market through our class-leading suite of SwetsWise e-content management services, which help customers acquire, access, manage and evaluate all of their electronic resources. Rakesh brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Indian information industry and with his commercial leadership we are sure to bring great benefits to the Indian academic, corporate and government market as well as the publisher community that serves them."


"I am very impressed with Swets' portfolio of usage evaluation, e-content access management and license management tools and services and look forward to bringing the benefits of these to institutions through out India," says Rakesh Malik. "By helping our customers to make better informed purchase decisions we will ensure that they receive maximum value on their investments and remain compliant with the increasingly complex global publisher license management and pricing standards. Swets stands at the forefront of some pivotal changes in the way e-content is being sourced and managed in India and I am excited to be part of this, working closely with those publishers seeking to access or grow within the Indian market."


Rakesh holds a post-graduate degree in management and has worked in the Indian information industry for the past 16 years, of which most with leading local publisher distributors and subscription agencies.


 About Swets
Swets is the world's leading subscription services company. We build on more than 100 years of experience to maximize the return on investments in time and money for clients and publishers in today's complex information marketplace. With clients in over 160 countries and more than twenty offices around the world, Swets is a true "long tail" powerhouse that provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated e-commerce platform currently available in its field.

Swets has been included in E-Content Magazine's "100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry" for the past five years, and is consistently featured in the top 25% of FEM Business' "Top 500 Companies in The Netherlands". We are the only subscription services company that is ISO 9001:2000 certified on a global basis for 10 years running--a testament to our stringent operation and client service procedures.


Rakesh Malik
Country Manager

Rectangle No. 1, Level 4, Office 433
Commercial Complex D4, Saket
New Delhi 110 017, India

T +91 11 40514219
M+91 9999042255
F +91 11 40514052

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Mumbai attacked by terrorists - Taj - Trident - Nariman House

"Terror Attacks on Mumbai" -

Being Librarians do we have

Any thing to say ?

So many lost their lives, many got injured and struggling

for lifeNow, many are in the trauma of having lost their dear ones

...Home Minister Shivaraj had to resign, distinguished and

dedicated police officers and others died in the process.

The incident and event shook India, shook Mumbai, and

attracted world attention.

About Mumbai these four five days,

: Hope you had watched carefully on TV what happened to

Mumbai. What is our role as a Librarian. Had a

Librarian been at the site of disturbance .... what

would have been his contribution? Can we think of a

situation ... where in a high profile .. highly trianed in

disaster information is posted on the site nearer to

the spot of disturbance. What could be his role in such

a situation. Dont you think ... a could contribute a lot in

mitigating and minimising the losses by offering right

information ... at the neck of the moment? There is

something known as Emergency Librarianship which

deals with the systems and services concerned with

emergency situations .... may be medical urgencies

... may be urgencies in terms of natural calamities....

think about it write back to me. Incidentally there is a

journal titled, "Emergency Librarian" .... unfortunately

I could not get the website of the same as the web

version does not exist. But the journal verymuch exists.

The indication is that Librarians' work apart from

being steady, slow and systematic, also have to deal

with emergecy calls ... and on toes service.

We should

respond to all kinds of situations that the society expects

of us. Then only we can boost of our image as

terminal to the very existence of society.... this kind

of services create our indispensibilities ... which is a

must for evolving a glorious and professional standing.

To see some wonderful clippings on emergency

Librarianship do visit this site :

Best wishes


Librarianship is a noble profession.


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