Monday, February 2, 2009

20090202-Amsterdam revisited - Courtsey-Sonia of St.Xavior's college Mumbai

20090202-Amsterdam revisited - Courtsey-Sonia of St.Xavior's college Mumbai
Pictorial write up of Sonia (Hindustan times-HT Cafe 31-01-2009) of St.Xavior's College indeed took me  to the year 1998, when I was there. I was a member of a 6 member librarians team of NIFT who set out abroad for a conference (IFLA conference Amsterdam) and Fashion Fairs at London.
The trip inclusivie of travel time was about 15 days which also included a short visit to Rotterdam.  Amsterdam the city of museums , a city which sheltered protestants - a historical event, a city more known as an utopian city, indeed was my home for few days.  Cleanliness , smart and fast people, fast moving cars, old but grand and artistic buildings mark the city apart.  Red light areas of any city in the world scare even the so called daring urbanites., the city so beautifully different even in its redlight area.  People familites, children move freely around without any fear.... even late nights.  Dam square was liked by all of us for its beautiful setting, people around.  The picture of the city never fades from my memory even after 10 long years.  Thank you Sonia for reminding me of the beauty of this beautiful city.  It is quite interesting to know from  her that one can stay at Amsterdam now for a night @Rs.4416.00 - breakfast included :
Inspiration for this write up : Amsterdam awakening?Sonia.-HT cafe 31-01-2009 page 7 and 8.
Rajashekhar Devarai
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