Monday, June 21, 2010

Raj Librarian's musings

Raj Librarian’s Musings:

1. Beautiful thought of Anjali Mendes caught me this Monday unawares, To learn something new, everyday is a gift. You realize this only if your mind is open to the world & to life…….. I learnt that discipline & punctuality & respect for people were crucial to advancement, both in terms of career & self development……In the course of my career & travels, meeting people, exchanging ideas- that have helped me to absorb & learn, to share & spread happiness, transcending geography, culture & relationships. It is time for the Librarians to imitate this first international fashion model late Anjali Mendes(Pierre Cardin), in absorbing & learning, sharing & spreading happiness, transcending happiness, transcending geography, culture & relationships(Inspiration : : Times of India: Speaking Tree 21/06/2010).

2. Librarians can not afford to be uninformed of the ideas/thoughts of writers, novelists like Siddharth Dhanvant. Here he is, “Today books are in the ring with Twitter and books are defeated by 140 characters……Cinema makes me feel like I am personally going out of print” The idea of re-rendering the thoughts of Siddhartha is only to sensi-tise librarians to come out of their narrow shells, be more responsive, be more informed, be in the fore front of ideas than being followers, cataloguers & indexers. We do have a legacy of scholarship. Librarians should continue to be scholars. No other way seems to be more realistic & challenging & meaningful (Inspiration: Siddharths paper: Times of India 21/06/2010)., towards career growth and professionalism.

3. Whether in Government, or Private/Corporate sector, librarians can’t afford to be their limited shells. They need to be more pragmatic, more outspoken & more relevant to real callings of work & organization. They need to be multitasking sooner or later to prove their nerves of professionalism. Have a look at what Norbert Nego wrote today with a caption “One thing at a time” (Inspiration: TOI 20/06/2010).

4. Times of India’s clipping…..”looking for company? Just rent a friend” (TOI 21/06/2010). Interesting indeed! How about saying, “Looking for information & knowledge? Just rent a Librarian!

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