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Friday, October 28, 2011

Suma Chitnis’s M.N.Srinivas Memorial Lecture : A Sociological Narrative worth reading! A Review

Suma Chitnis’s M.N.Srinivas Memorial Lecture : A Sociological Narrative worth reading!
A Review

Rajashekhar Devarai

This is a reflection of a practicing librarian on M.N.Srinivas Memorial Lecture delivered by sociologist Suma Chitnis at Cuttuck. Citation : Suma Chitnis/Lessons from the field (M.N.Srinivas Memorial lecture delivered at Indian Sociological Society Conference at Revenshaw University, Cuttack 02-12-2010), Sociological Bulletin 60(2), May-August 2011.

For over 15 years or so I have been a life member of Indian Sociological Society. I get news letters and Sociological bulletins regularly wherever I happen to be.  Inspite of undoubted interest in the discipline of Sociology I opted to be a Librarian some 26 years ago.  But my fascination for sociological imagination has not faded to this day.  I would not read every thing that is published in Sociological Bulletin, but venture to read, glance atleast some papers now and then.  So for long I have opted to call myself as a student of Sociology.  My feed back to Sociology? Nothing except reading Sociology now and then and publishing two papers  (reviews) on Sociology of Library profession.
Any way coming to the lecture delivered by Prof.Suma Chitnis I have heard of her as a Sociologist, as a researcher on, “Teaching as a profession.”  Anyone coming closer to the studies on professions draws my attention and more so if it happens to be a sociologist.  Prof.Ambarao Uplaonkar (Gulbarga) used to talk about professor Suma often.
Prof.Suma starts her lecture by acknowledging M.N.Srinivas as a profound scholar, an excellent researcher and a great teacher and mentor.  Incidentally I happened to work on the bibliometrics and informetrics of writings / publications of Srinivas. It was my privilege to get a brief biography and list of papers and other publications personally from him. Unfortunately I could not communicate / send him a copy of the published paper.  After retirement from active service the many an academician / academic administrator become more matured, contented and worth emulating.  Hats off, at the age of 78 Suma delivered such a thought provoking personal and touching lecture.  She has recalled her experiences as a researcher,  Teacher and Administrator at Mumbai University, Tata Institute of Social Sceinces, SNDT and Tata Endowment.  A life worth lived indeed.  At the outset the lecture looks a narrative but deep down it is indeed an eye opener for younger sociologists and professionals.  She is so frank, fair, energetic and simple in what she said.  Hope I will make it  to meet her once at Mumbai where she lives now.  It is quite unfortunate that I happen to be at Bhubaneswar and could not make it to participate in the Indian Sociological Society Conference at Cuttack.  I could have had the privilege to hear her lecture live.  Hats off madam, be happy, keep lecturing for many more years. Jai Sociology.

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