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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Have u heard of a Newspaper temple...?

Respected Friends,

In the digital age where it has been assumed that Internet is much sought after source of knowledge, and newspaper can be read on your Blackberry, Here is eye opener news appear.
There is a temple in Dhamtari District of Raipur a place where no gods or goddess are worshiped. In this temple NEWSPAPERS has a divine status here and worshipped daily.
The temple built in 1993, and known as Gandhi Mandir and look after by Halba sect of Gond tribe of the Chhatisgarh.
The locals have string reasons for expressing their faith in print media. This clearly shows in words of Gandhi Mandir priest Balram Markam, which are "The Newspapers are eye openers, create awareness, remain watchful of the evils and crimes in society, inculcate human values and prevent people from committing wrong"
The temple is decorated with various slogans and hymns dedicated to the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and the people who are dubbed the 'Janata Gandhi'.
Here Newspapers and books are considered as any other religious epic. Any newspaper can get here place here without any discrimination of language or region barrier.

The detail of this news can be read with the help of this link:


Miss Charu Mathur,

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