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Monday, July 21, 2008

Know your Librarians Far and Wide - Series : Ena - Librarian - Philipines

Age : 27 ; Birthday: 24 March; Location : Surigao, Philippines ; 67 friends on hi5 groups, Member of hi5 groups : Library & KM Profession, Information Science, Librarians, Singles for Christ, mindanao state university, HAPPY LIBRARIANS

any reading material, music, nature
Current Favorite Artists / Bands
classics, Christian, pop, jazz

Favorite Movies
Romantic, comedy, Sci-fic, drama, absolutely not horror

Favorite TV Shows
any comedy show, reality tv show, etc

Favorite Books
all novels authored by Sandra Brown, Judith McNaught, Mills & Boons

With acknowledgement to the Source : hi5 groups site


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