Monday, July 12, 2010

At Random From Lbn.Raj and Lbn.Susri

At Random From Lbn.Raj and Lbn.Susri

With the advancement of science & technology & world becoming smaller & smaller due to efficient transport & communication people are living far & wide. Individualistic tendencies are on the increase despite having high connectivities. People of all ranks & files at times feel & be lonely. This loneliness could be in terms of staying away from near & dear ones, it could be that being in society & circles people still come across situations & times when they get secluded & separated. Celebrities many a times face this problem. Inside their heart of hearts they feel isolated, secluded & desperate for care, love & affection.

What about the Librarian?

Is identity crisis close to the phenomena of being aloof & alone & secluded. The average person still is average of the title of “Librarian”, or “Granthapal” or “Pustakalayadyaksha” .Some one says he is a Librarian a common need to be explained on the role & work side of the Librarianship. It looks like, Librarians have endorsed this outlook & opinion of people in general. It is not uncommon for Librarians to fancy with innovative different & fictitious titles. When some one equates us with a teacher we feel happy, when some one equates us with a Manager or a Scientist or Scholar or Fabrician we tend to be happy & relieved. Is it what brings us close to identity crisis? When shall we learn to put our foot down to realize & assert in no uncertain terms on what we are & what we stand for, when shall we learn to stop fancying with misleading job titles? When shall we, come what may, realize that the core things & works that we are engaged in steadily pushing us to the centre phase. Can we not realize our uniqueness & import once before others? Come forward to endorse?

I hope & trust we do it sooner than later.

(Inspiration: Peddlers of emotion/ Nona Walia., Times Life: Times of India, July 11, 2010)


  1. Individual : particular; separate; characteristic of a particular person

or thing (Oxford dictionary)

  1. lonely : isolated; unfrequented; uninhabited (Oxford dictionary)
  2. secluded : away from company(Oxford dictionary)

  1. desperate : having no hope(Oxford dictionary)

  1. identity : condition of being a specified person; state of being

identical. (Oxford dictionary)

  1. identity crisis : the condition of being uncertain of one's feelings about

Oneself. (

  1. fancy : faculty of imagination
  2. innovative : being or producing something like nothing done or

experienced or created before (

  1. happy : feeling or showing pleasure or contentment
  2. relieved : mitigate tedium or monotony
  3. uniqueness : the quality of being one of a kind

(WordReference.ComEnglish Dictionary)

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