Saturday, December 4, 2010

"The wise knows self as bodiless within bodies ......... Katha Upanishad"

A thought for the day

"The wise who knows self as bodiless within bodies, as unchanging among changing  things, as great and omnipresent does never grieve……" – Katha Upanishad..

What a thought? It takes lot of efforts to understand this. One needs to get into silence, meditation and self introspection for may be hours and days together ….. may be years together. It may take years together as we get to explore in our own many a time erroneous ways. Yes it is wise to explore and introspect with the guidance of a spiritual guru. Yes …. The path may not be so simple …. But we have the glimpse of the cosmos …. Inner self …. N number of times during a day … during our sleep ….. the cosmic understanding seems far …. But it is so close by as well … as we are of it and as it is within us … around us …. Connecting us to any thing and every thing around…. Far and near. So let us try to befriend the great and omnipresent  …. Let us try to capture and stop by our intimate moments with the one that is within us … without us. Let us try unto ourselves..

LbnRaj Chief Librarian, Asian School of Business Management, BBSR, India ; ;

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