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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random pics and thoughts of a Librarian!! Librarian and tension ... no way together!!!!!!!!!

tension : Tension and Librarians ... no way ...!!!
Logical and illogical, rational and irrational random pics and thoughts of a Librarian!!

20090704 - Saturday - 0912am : Tension is good dear!

Hi there,

Tension is the most unwanted thing by every one. No one likes to be in tension or under tension. The way it increases our temperature, the way it increases our pulse beat, the way it at times shakes us, the way it makes us tremble, the way it makes us cry shout, the way it makes us aggressive, the way it makes us dead over silent .... who welcomes, who wishes to be under tension. Every one wishes to avoid situations that cause tension, every one would wish to avaoid people, situations that cause tension. Never the less tension does occur to all of us at times, many a times, some times ... unanticipated ... un announced. It is part and parcel of our life ... it is one of the normal part of our behaviour... it is normal part of peoples behaviour. Indeed it is not bad to be under tension. When we are confronted with too many things to be accomplished, when we miss a train .... when we were heading for an interview ... meeting, when we are faced with an accident ... and we were heading for an exam ... when a close friend relative shows an untoward, unusual ... shocking behaviour. ..... tension occurs ... when our mind cannot accept certain things... in that particular moment. What is important is to understand the whole thing. Tension is very natural ... tension should not be avoided ... it should be faced consciously. Tension according to me is the hot / cold feeling that we have about an incident, accident etc. The sequence of things that happened at a particular moment have nothing to do ... our fealing and realisation that we are in trouble is a problem. The problem is not in facing the situation, the problem is not in speeding up the works... the problem is not in handling too many things at a time, the problem is not in situations, the prolbem is in the the people around us whom we consider as problematic .... the problem is in the way we react and respond to that situation, which caused tension, unrest. The best way to handle tension is to relax, focus on the works in hand... be objective in handling things one by one ... cooolly.

Now what is so bad in TENSION? Great works that are accomplished by us in different walk of our lives ... get done under tension ... am I right? Things that are impossible happen under tension. Things that we never imagined to do ... get done when we are at the pitch of our tension ... the so called unwanted tension.

Let us welcome tension dear .... the moment we welcome tension ... tension is gone. Tensions are energigers .. tensions are tonics ... tensions are boosters ... let us employ our tensions in constructive works. We can do it..... we have done it at times ... am I right?


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