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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Thank you IndiaLibrarian-Intl for inviting me to participate in this blog.

I did vote on the poll on the Status of Librarians and I would like to expand on my vote, viz., that Librarianship is a full-fledged profession. However, in India we still are not able to get the deserved recognition for our work, skills and contributions. This is simple because we have not demonstrated to the managements and our users as to how libraries canand have contributed to their learning and knowledge endeavours. I believe librarians should be more outgoing - interact more with users, both interpersonally and in formal ways and let them know how the library can benefit them. Equally, I believe we need the interactions to better undestand their needs/problems and see how we could meet these. Lastly, we need to use technology innovatively to improve our images and also our capability to serve users more effectively.

I would also like your members to know of an important initiative in making an open source ILS available to Indian and other developing country libraries. Please visit for details.
-Prof.Jai Harau : KIIKM : NewGenLib Software