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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life is indeed more mysterious than we have ever imagined.

Life is indeed more more mysterious than we have every imagined. This I think I would have said several times.... I don't know how many times. Time and again it is said ... that we must be focused in what we do .... then and then only the desired goal is reached. At times we get confused as to what is my goal as such.... and in which direction we  are moving.  What I felt often is that we have some set goals ... we keep moving in that direction.... we may or may not succeed ... but we may continue to abide that desire to continue in that direction. What is important is what we get engaged in is what is close to our heart in-spite of our set goals.... pressing obligation. One may be an engineer ... but deeply obsessed with music.... One may be a doctor deeply obsessed by painting. Whatever may be vocation... profession .... by hook or crook .... how ever busy we are however critical it is to attend to other works .. one does spend time for a thing ... unusually ... extraordinarily ... exceptionally. I saw my father writing poems ... in a very very unusual time ... in a very very un usual situation.  People would just wonder what this man is doing at this juncture... time. This is a small example of how people hook on to what they love a lot....!!! People listen to what is close to their chest.

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