Monday, December 6, 2010

Avva appa (mom and dad) ... the greatest gifts of god!!!!!!


Avva Appa ; December 06, 2010 ; 12.35am

It has always been my ambition to keep writing day in and day out.  Many a time I feel and think may be I don't have much to say,  much to write and publish.  At times just for my satisfaction I struggle to write and I realize my pen does not move further.  May be I am deliberately trying to write on something I am not so well prepared.  Could be my thoughts and ideas are ripe…. But may be I don't get right words and phrases that are befitting.  All through many many years I have seen my appa finding time any where and everywhere to write.  May be that passion to write is present in my blood genetically.  What if I have  not yet kept those doors of my genetic inheritance that I had through my parents.  My be I have all the time for doing several things that I need to do for earning a living.  Alas! When will I realize that writing and publishing does not need any thing but passion and honesty.  When will I get into this luxury of finding time anywhere and every where just like that.  Nature's greatest gift to an individual is ones parents.  The giving that happens from parents to children is unending and priceless.  The connectivity between parents and children is so complete, so pious so pure……..that there is no parallel.  This love is best of all.  If there is any humility and humbleness in society it is because of ones love that is bestowed upon by ones parents.

Parental love is unparallel……their acts of care and giving is unending.  I don't think any one will ever be able to return the same quantum of love, affection and care that one gets from ones parents.  I don't know where I stand in this natures scheme of things.  Several of dreams about my love affection, care and concern remain fulfilled.  This may be four years since when I could no9t make it at least to see my parents.  My avva for quite often reminded me, requested me, pestered me to come once and see her and my father.  I don't really know why I could not make it.  Now my avva and appa don't pester me to come and see them.  May be they realized why I am unable to see them.  I only keep telling them that I am busy and that it is difficult to take leave from my job.  The beauty of my avva and appa is … they understand more than what I want to tell them.  My very voice, my very vibrations over phone make them understand more and more of what I want to tell them.  I need not spell out everything over phone.  They understand me without my words.  They are better connected to me than I am connected to them.  At this age of 52 I am just a kid to them,…. I am just Raja to them.  I love you avva, I love you appa……… I do have feelings…. I do want to … I do long to meet you.  You understand that I am lost in making my living, I am lost in caring and loving my wife and kids.  This I learn from you only .   If I am a good husband and father……..I learnt this from you o9nly.  But I am your kid……… I am your raja……. I am with you, I am connected to you day in and out … Be smiling … be happy.




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