Sunday, September 8, 2019

Re:email blast tools/admin RDP/bulletproof cpanel

Hello friend

we sell kinds of tools for email blast, inbox SMTP/inbox Webmail/bulletproof cpanel/admin RDP/updated fresh emails

please add my below contacts for any inquiry

Skype ID live:tools2018_2

ICQ Nickname  tools_seller

Wechat ID smtptools_1

Whats app: 0086-13857707871 (China office)

Telegram: 00852-64373126  (HK office)


Package 1: Unlimited SMTP server + Turbo Mailer + admin RDP/Price $175/Per Month

(once SMTP blacklist, we will give 2 times replacement for free)


Package 2: Unlimited web-based SMTP/Price:$175/Per Month

interspire email marketer installed


Package 3: Supmer mailer + admin RDP + 5 SMTP rotate/price: $300/Per Month


Package 4: Unlimited SMTP server/Price: $99/Per Month

(once SMTP blacklist, we will give 2 times replacement for free)


Package 5: Unlimited webmail 

Roundcube webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $135/Per Month

Zimbra webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $155/Per Month


Package 6: spam and scan friendly Admin RDP/price: $45/Per Month

multiple locations RDP avaiable


Package 7: Email Sorter and Email list manager/price: $100 with lifetime license


Package 8: general business/office 365/CEO & CFO email leads

1- general business company email leads: $50 per 100k

2- office 365 emails: $60 per 100k

3- CEO & CFO email leads: $100 per 100k 


Package 9: bulletproof cpanel/WHM Price: $75/Per Month

host any page no trouble/ignore any reports/create unlimited cpanel accounts


Package 10: email extractor/price: $155 with lifetime license

(extract email by keyword /also can extract by country)


Package 11:email verifier/price $135 with lifetime license 

(remove invalied emails)


For payment, we accept below:

1- Perfect Money

2- Bitcoin

3- Western Union

4- Money Gram

5- Bank T/T


smart online marketing ltd ( China based)

Skype ID live:tools2018_2

ICQ Nickname tools_seller

Wechat ID smtptools_1
Whats app: 0086-13857707871  (China office)

Telegram: 00852-64373126 (HK office)