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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life is neither fair ... nor unfair .....

Is Life Fair : Vaidyanathan makes me speak / LbnRaj

The way I am beginning to respond to the ideas of Vaidyanathan may seem funny, but the issue of getting a question to answer haunts me often.  Many a time we have lots of answers … but hardly get to face questions.  May be, questions are always there, as are the answers for all of us.  As most of you may agree I search for questions for which I seem to think I have answers.  The other way round, I seem to have many questions, I don't know whom to ask, where to ask and how to ask.  I think most of all of our lives in a day revolves around this dilemma.  Am I making any sense?

Now back to Speaking Tree, frankly speaking I subscribe to Times of India for reading Speaking Tree and Sacred Space of the Centre page of TOI … and then glance through other pages as and when I feel like.  Now , when I introspect myself …. I look forward for the best answers for the most difficult questions on existence from the  best of the thinkers / scholars.  At the same time I constantly think that I have lot of answers for these typical unthinkable questions.  May be I unconsciously look forward to see others  and read others who think alike and write alike.  May be others write before I pen.  At times I feel amazed at myself how close I am to best of scholars and their thinking.  This is human nature … we only understand what we know…. We can only appreciate what we like and know.  A thing, thought or feeling that is talked about deliberated by best of scholars however easy or tough it is, cannot go into heads if we don't know about it / that.  What I want to say is , every one of us know every ting … we only revisit our thinking when others speak, say, or lecture.  Hoe I make sense in what I am trying to say.  The thing that we cannot identify is neither meaningful nor meaningless.  We like sweet …. Because we know the taste of sweet before we had it for the first in our life.  Every thing is already known to every one by birth.
Now the question of Vaidyanathan, "Is life Fair or Unfair"…. This haunts every one so often … may be one does not stop seriously to give a thought to ones state of mind later on, on that moment.  Yes life is not perfect, I say this knowing what this perfectness means.  As a child as a high school boy I cam across my friends, classmates …. Copying in the examinations … I used to pity, them as I could not convince them.  More disappointing was that their parents, brothers, sisters used to be so organized to assist the boy / girl in copying.  Now when years passed by , the same boy or the girl gets admitted to best of professional courses / get best of jobs … I felt dejected, I was left confused.  Now again often some years I find the same boy / girl in the VIP positions (Sound both by wealth and qualifications and even knowledge) and lecturing on morals and on how bad it is to copy in the examinations.  May be they have forgotten what they did … may be they are more practical … may be they have repented … may be nothing of this sort…. AND MAY BE THIS IS THE NATURE'S WAY.  May be life is not Fair.  Vaidyanathan's  concluding words are eye openers …. "While life may seem unfair, if things changed as per every individual's desires and wishes, imagine the chaos and confusion that would result.  In a matter of few days, the world would come to the end.  The apparent unfairness that we see is indeed for continuity.

Yes, life is neither fair nor unfair, life is neither perfect nor imperfect.  Life is what it exists like.  Life exists without our consent … the way it is … and more real could be that life exists and continues in tune with laws of nature!  Search for questions for which you have answers … it is amazing … it is worth your time spent on it! Wonder! You will know that you have lots and lots of answers … if you know how to come closer to questions, …. Have an open mind …. Introspect …. Meditate … you will find a treasure of questions and answers within yourself !!!!!

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Reference : Vadyanathan P.V / Is Life Fair Or Unfair .- Speaking Tree, Times of India.- November 10, 2011
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life is indeed more mysterious than we have ever imagined.

Life is indeed more more mysterious than we have every imagined. This I think I would have said several times.... I don't know how many times. Time and again it is said ... that we must be focused in what we do .... then and then only the desired goal is reached. At times we get confused as to what is my goal as such.... and in which direction we  are moving.  What I felt often is that we have some set goals ... we keep moving in that direction.... we may or may not succeed ... but we may continue to abide that desire to continue in that direction. What is important is what we get engaged in is what is close to our heart in-spite of our set goals.... pressing obligation. One may be an engineer ... but deeply obsessed with music.... One may be a doctor deeply obsessed by painting. Whatever may be vocation... profession .... by hook or crook .... how ever busy we are however critical it is to attend to other works .. one does spend time for a thing ... unusually ... extraordinarily ... exceptionally. I saw my father writing poems ... in a very very unusual time ... in a very very un usual situation.  People would just wonder what this man is doing at this juncture... time. This is a small example of how people hook on to what they love a lot....!!! People listen to what is close to their chest.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Marcial Batiancila from Bergen Norway:
am doing well here in bergen norway
that is nice to hear .....
when every thing goes from bad to worse .... in life ... what should we do ....
Marcial Batiancila is Available
did you feel any time like this in your life
am i wasting your time ... ru free
Marcial Batiancila:
just stop for a while, think and plan out for a new directions to take
am attending a lecture now
i think you are right ... but i dont think i have a second to stop ... any way thanks .... god bless you

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

It is quite natural for all of us to long for more and more joy, happiness and enjoyment .....

It is quite natural for every one to have more and more fun, joy and happiness. Time and again we feel unhappy and sad when we face a down. But now I do realise if there are downs in ones life .... how do we value ups and excellence .. and joy. Thank you downs .. you make me realise the importance of what i have .... make me realise the ups of my life ... make me realise the importance of the best of life that i have had. Life continues ..... with less or more of ups and downs ... Let me accept it as it is.... as that is the the best option.

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