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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Applications invited for the posts of Asst.Librarians / Dy.Librarian

Asian School of Business Management
Invites applications for the posts of Assistant Librarians / Deputy Librarian (for Bhubaneswar campus)
   ASBM, a faculty driven B-School, developed with the philosophy of the IIMs, under the leadership of the well-known management Guru Lagaan Professor Dr. Biswajeet Pattanayak has state-of-the-art mega campuses at Bhubaneswar & Hyderabad. The Institute provides ultra-modern facilities for teaching, research, training, consulting and career growth, benchmarking the IIMs.

   Applications are invited for the positions of Asst.Librarians / Deputy Librarian from Post Graduates in Library and Information Science. Preference will be given to those candidates who have exposure / experience to/in Classification (DDC), Libsys, EBSCO /Proquest data bases.  Salary / emoluments as per academic credentials / experience. The posts carry usual allowances as per institute's norms. 

   Applications with latest CV/Biodata,  testimonials with photograph may be sent at the following address with an advance copy by e-mail –  /  .

   The Group Director, ASBM, Corporate Office, Sai Anandam Complex, Patia Square, Bhubaneswar – 24, Phone – 0674 2374812/ 2744881.
Librarianship is a noble profession

Friday, February 4, 2011

The thought that moves me today, Librarians discover your work…!!!!!

The thought that moves me today, Librarians discover your work…!!!!!
February 4, 2011
"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it." – Gautama Buddha.
Only the enlightened could think of giving such eternal statements. The first and fore most thing in life is to discover our work and then give ourselves to it. What a thought! We may get some times wondered at what really is the message in this. There is a whole lot of science and art for discovering … choosing …. selecting our work…. the process never ends if you really understand the deeper meanings of the message…. what  in your job is your job. The way you do, the way feel, the way you start, the method you choose the way you finish … all is  all about discovering our work. Then we should graduate to give ourselves to work with our heart. Then the work  becomes worship and job becomes profession and passion. Librarian friends, we are librarians, we do all things that librarians are supposed to do. Are all librarians doing the works in the same way., in the same tempo. Lib friends .. we have to find our work within our work …. That means we need to get to the core of our work … put our heart and soul in what we chose to do. This is the only we we can pave way for turning our vocation and occupation into a passion and profession.
Librarianship is a noble profession

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We the Librarians need to operate from the source of our thoughts... trust me .... LbnRaj ;

Golden words of Lane Wagger (Source : Speaking Tree, Times of India, January 19, 2011):
January 19, 2011; Wednesday
  1. The mind is capable of the same settling (like a wave in the ocean) down, or transcending process. Waves of thought retire to the source of thought.
  2. The agitated, limited value of thought gains the unlimited status of being the silent depth of the ocean of consciousness.
  3. The mind is like a body of water : choppy on the surface, silent and stable at its depth.  When we experience only the noisy surface level of thinking, difficulties abound.
  4. The growth of inner silence is the basis of spiritual unfolding and material success.
  5. Consciousness is the prime mover of life.
  6. Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness.
  7. If you are anchored to the silent blissful state of consciousness, everything you do becomes joyful.
  8. According to Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, handle that one thing – consciousness – by which every thing else is handled.
"Just like any other individuals in society, we the librarians do fee insecure , un happy, stressful and anxiety ridden often at times. We are skeptical and worried over the illogical behaviour of our bosses and co-workers and subordinates. We feel proud of some of our colleagues for their good deeds, feel sorry for the irrational behaviour of some others. All is well …. when we work from the core of our consciousness. All is well when we work from the source of our thoughts…that is consciousness. We are heading steadfast to emerge as the much awaited and coveted title of a 'knowledge professional'. Wagger says, "Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness". Being Knowledge professional in this context is to be operating from the source of our thoughts, to be operating from  the silent blissful consciousness level. The day is not far when we slide and glide towards being recognized as a full-fledged librarian, a librarian who would be sought after by every one who has to do some thing to do with knowledge. Cheers". –

Keywords : Librarian, Librarianship,knowledge,consciousness,thoughts, Lane Wagger,Speaking Tree,Times of India, silence, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, success, consciousness,

LbnRaj ; ; (Source of Inspiration : Lane Wagger, Speaking Tree, Times of India, January 19, 2011)
Librarianship is a noble profession

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vinita asks a question, “Why cant we stop “I”ing to the outer world and start “eyeing” our inner selves? As Librarians how do we answer this question? January 17, 2011; Monday

Vinita asks a question, "Why cant we stop "I"ing to the outer world and start "eyeing" our inner selves? As Librarians how do we answer this question? January 17, 2011; Monday
What is this going beyond after all?  Is it about being contended, being selfless, being egoless being broad minded, being inclusive, being tolerant, being happy for what we are and being proud about being amongst the commoners and the greats simultaneously? The answer to this question puts librarians and the librarianship in perspective.  The answer to this question has potential to position librarian and librarianship to the centre place of social fabric.  We can graduate to the indispensable value systems of social  life making way for much awaited and coveted title of being a full fledged profession.  to put it in understandable terms an occupation moves from being a work and job to being a profession and a calling.  When the he, she, it, they, are put in focus, the I and me concerns get more boost and more calling from every where.
What this means to a Librarian?
  1. Being a Librarian let us be what we are and what we stand for.  We  are and will be more comfortable if we are comfortable with what we are as a librarian.
  2. We don't need status comparable to that either of a teacher, scientist or manager or leader or a scholar.  We  have to emerge your self as a true librarian.  lot remains to be done to be a librarian, to be a true librarian.  We can never go further, grow further if we are moved by the glamour of fascinating titles like, a manager, leader or a teacher.
  3. Status does not come with fancy titles, it comes and builds upon our intrinsic potentials and credentials.
  4. User first, members first, patrons first : Our stability and status are closely interlinked to our action and activities and services.  We should make our space and get into doing what others are not into doing.  That makes us indispensable.  When we go further and further in this regard we be come indispensable and we become eligible for what we really deserve from people around and society at large.
  5. Yes, we have to speak the language of he, she, they and you.  Let us place the reader, user, member, patron in the centre place and we will be  on the right track.
  6. There is nothing less in what we are and what we stand for.  We are already at the centre of social fabric.  It is time to realize and introspect.  We had arrived at this centre space long long before.  It is now, again to re assert and go as closer to this reality as possible.  It is possible.  It is possible, because we are already what we wanted to be?
  7. It is time we really stand for what we are ….. this ideal is no less an ideal.  Let society give / bestow  upon us what it rightfully thinks as right and due and true.
We are librarians, we are professionals, nothing more nothing less.  So what if we  still continue to emerge into the best of  what we are!
Keywords : Librarian, librarianship, I, Iing, eyeing, beyond  I, worth, O-zone, Vinita Dawra Nangia, competition,, status, prestige, profession, professionalism, Rajashekhar Devarai, Sociology, LbnRaj, Times of India, Times Life.
LbnRaj, ;
(Inspiration : Let us go beyond 'I' / Vinita Dawra Nangia.-Times of India, January 16, 2011).
Librarianship is a noble profession

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mother, Mother and Mother !!!!!!!!

"I am the mother of the wicked, as I am the mother of the virtuous.  Never fear.  Whever you are in distress, so your self, 'I have a mother'." (Sri Sarada Devi). Beautiful indeed! Sri Sarada Devi has told what every one does without any one being told about this.  Whenever We are in trouble or distress …. We suddenly pronounce ………… 'maa'……………. Avva………………. Mummy……………….. That is the nature's gift to human kind known as Mother.  There cannot be any other example of unconditional and unlimited love …………….. other than mother. "If you want peace do not see the faults of others.  Rather see your own faults.  Learn to make the w2hole world your own.  No one is stranger, my child.  The whole world is your own." (Sri Sarada Devi). True indeed ……………………we keep searching for the mistakes that others commit tend to commit………………..unaware of what mistakes we commit …………..keep committing.   No one is a stranger in this world …………. What a truth. We are all connected by land water and air and space……………………… nothing in universe is disconnected. Every thing is connected with the super power……….the supreme power………….all inclusive of living and non living things.  I am so much thank ful to Times of India for including these two wonderful columns known as Sacred Space and The Speaking Tree. They are constant source of inspiration, courage and wisdom…………..not only to me but all those who are addicted to wait for the days Sacred Space and The Speaking Tree. Hope Librarians do have this habit of having a daily glimpse of sacred space and The speaking Tree. I wish they do! What do you Say? (Inspiration : Sacred Space , December 27, 2010, Times of India)
Keywords : Mother,Sri Sarada Devi,The Speaking Tree,Sacred Space,Times of India,Universe,Super power,Supreme power,Maa,Mummy,Avva,librarian

Librarianship is a noble profession

Friday, December 24, 2010

Every one wants to be good! Any thing wrong with this?

 Every one wants to be good!

I have never come across any one who basically un conditionally wants to be a bad doer. No one wants to be known as a bad person. No one wants to do wrong and bad things. Then why do we get into wrong things…….. why do we get to do bad things? Even in case of small medium and hard core criminals basically never intend ………………….. intended to be be bad and bad doer. Every one know that they need to be noticed………………… they need to be acknowledge for their being important …………………. their being correct, their being righteous. May when some one does some un acceptable thing ……………………. Wrong thing …………………. Bad thing they still are not convinced that they are wrong persons………………… they justify being right in their own right………………….. in their own logic. May be there is lot of competition to be good in this world. It is so difficult be known as a good person …………….. and be known for that. And many a time we get disgusted to many many good people around…………………. We just cant stand so many good people around ………………. Who are bent upon under mining my goodness and being right? There is lot of competition in this world to be good  person …………………. More better person than others…………………. Can I call it as a healthy competition?

Librarianship is a noble profession

Monday, July 12, 2010

At Random From Lbn.Raj and Lbn.Susri

At Random From Lbn.Raj and Lbn.Susri

With the advancement of science & technology & world becoming smaller & smaller due to efficient transport & communication people are living far & wide. Individualistic tendencies are on the increase despite having high connectivities. People of all ranks & files at times feel & be lonely. This loneliness could be in terms of staying away from near & dear ones, it could be that being in society & circles people still come across situations & times when they get secluded & separated. Celebrities many a times face this problem. Inside their heart of hearts they feel isolated, secluded & desperate for care, love & affection.

What about the Librarian?

Is identity crisis close to the phenomena of being aloof & alone & secluded. The average person still is average of the title of “Librarian”, or “Granthapal” or “Pustakalayadyaksha” .Some one says he is a Librarian a common need to be explained on the role & work side of the Librarianship. It looks like, Librarians have endorsed this outlook & opinion of people in general. It is not uncommon for Librarians to fancy with innovative different & fictitious titles. When some one equates us with a teacher we feel happy, when some one equates us with a Manager or a Scientist or Scholar or Fabrician we tend to be happy & relieved. Is it what brings us close to identity crisis? When shall we learn to put our foot down to realize & assert in no uncertain terms on what we are & what we stand for, when shall we learn to stop fancying with misleading job titles? When shall we, come what may, realize that the core things & works that we are engaged in steadily pushing us to the centre phase. Can we not realize our uniqueness & import once before others? Come forward to endorse?

I hope & trust we do it sooner than later.

(Inspiration: Peddlers of emotion/ Nona Walia., Times Life: Times of India, July 11, 2010)


  1. Individual : particular; separate; characteristic of a particular person

or thing (Oxford dictionary)

  1. lonely : isolated; unfrequented; uninhabited (Oxford dictionary)
  2. secluded : away from company(Oxford dictionary)

  1. desperate : having no hope(Oxford dictionary)

  1. identity : condition of being a specified person; state of being

identical. (Oxford dictionary)

  1. identity crisis : the condition of being uncertain of one's feelings about

Oneself. (

  1. fancy : faculty of imagination
  2. innovative : being or producing something like nothing done or

experienced or created before (

  1. happy : feeling or showing pleasure or contentment
  2. relieved : mitigate tedium or monotony
  3. uniqueness : the quality of being one of a kind

(WordReference.ComEnglish Dictionary)

Lbn. Raj

http:// Indialibrarian


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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Comments on "Begone, management gurus!

Ya I agree to the over all temperament of the write up. Personally I would like to say that ... basic disciplines like Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Ethics, Philosophy should get their proper representation in the Management Curricula. Teaching by individual experts / professors in these basic disciplines should be encouraged further.

Original Source of Information :


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Friday, June 25, 2010

Good news for Indians and Pakistani’s,

Good news for Indians and Pakistani’s, the secretary level talks between Salman & Nirupama seem to bring a fresh air for further talks! It will be worthwhile for everyone interested on India & Pak Relations to read these two books: The Idea of Pakistan By. Stephen P.Cohen (Pub & Place-The Brooking institutions, Washington ) and India as an emerging power By.Sumit Ganguly Ganguly (Pub & Place- Frank Cass Publishers, London)
Kalyani Panigrahi and Rajashekhar Devarai
(Source of inspiration : News item : June 25, 2010)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Distinguished Scientometrician Shri V.L.Kalyane is no more amongst us .... Hats off to the great Soul ... let his soul rest in peace.

Gem of a Star Librarian a librarian of a different and distinguished stature ..... Shri V.L.Kalyane is no more amongst us.................Great souls like Researcher Kalyane live and lead a different, special and unique style of life...May your soul rest in peace sir ......the people you worked with and the people you mentored.......and the colleagues you guided and mentored to research and write and publish......can never forget your grace .... Even your enemies cannot afford to forget your grace..... Hats off!!!!!!! you will be remembered centuries and milleniums!!!!!!! I am lucky enough to have had long academic evenings .... with you at Hyderabad (ICAR). I was shocked and traumatized to meet you at your residence some times at Mumbai. It was so painful and disgusting to find you helpless.





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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fw: follow our blogs...

--- On Thu, 16/7/09, kerala librarian <> wrote:

From: kerala librarian <>
Subject: follow our blogs...

Date: Thursday, 16 July, 2009, 5:52 PM

Dear Sir / Madam,

Kindly request you to follow our blog to keep aware of the activities and latest news on LIS profession in Kerala...

thank you
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random pics and thoughts of a Librarian!! Librarian and tension ... no way together!!!!!!!!!

tension : Tension and Librarians ... no way ...!!!
Logical and illogical, rational and irrational random pics and thoughts of a Librarian!!

20090704 - Saturday - 0912am : Tension is good dear!

Hi there,

Tension is the most unwanted thing by every one. No one likes to be in tension or under tension. The way it increases our temperature, the way it increases our pulse beat, the way it at times shakes us, the way it makes us tremble, the way it makes us cry shout, the way it makes us aggressive, the way it makes us dead over silent .... who welcomes, who wishes to be under tension. Every one wishes to avoid situations that cause tension, every one would wish to avaoid people, situations that cause tension. Never the less tension does occur to all of us at times, many a times, some times ... unanticipated ... un announced. It is part and parcel of our life ... it is one of the normal part of our behaviour... it is normal part of peoples behaviour. Indeed it is not bad to be under tension. When we are confronted with too many things to be accomplished, when we miss a train .... when we were heading for an interview ... meeting, when we are faced with an accident ... and we were heading for an exam ... when a close friend relative shows an untoward, unusual ... shocking behaviour. ..... tension occurs ... when our mind cannot accept certain things... in that particular moment. What is important is to understand the whole thing. Tension is very natural ... tension should not be avoided ... it should be faced consciously. Tension according to me is the hot / cold feeling that we have about an incident, accident etc. The sequence of things that happened at a particular moment have nothing to do ... our fealing and realisation that we are in trouble is a problem. The problem is not in facing the situation, the problem is not in speeding up the works... the problem is not in handling too many things at a time, the problem is not in situations, the prolbem is in the the people around us whom we consider as problematic .... the problem is in the way we react and respond to that situation, which caused tension, unrest. The best way to handle tension is to relax, focus on the works in hand... be objective in handling things one by one ... cooolly.

Now what is so bad in TENSION? Great works that are accomplished by us in different walk of our lives ... get done under tension ... am I right? Things that are impossible happen under tension. Things that we never imagined to do ... get done when we are at the pitch of our tension ... the so called unwanted tension.

Let us welcome tension dear .... the moment we welcome tension ... tension is gone. Tensions are energigers .. tensions are tonics ... tensions are boosters ... let us employ our tensions in constructive works. We can do it..... we have done it at times ... am I right?


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a librarians tribute to michael jackson

A librarians tribute to Michael Jackson ..... follow the link for details

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Gay Royer a librarian for 33 years retires ... to play her role as a Granny

Librarian leaves a lasting legacy
Report by : By Alan Blank
address of original source :

"Gay Royer spent her last day as the College Park Elementary librarian Friday after 33 years at the school, but with her departure the children whose lives she has touched will also be losing a coach, a therapist and a friend.Growing up, Royer had a troubled childhood, fraught with responsibilities not usually heaped on those her age. At 10, she was already acting like a mother to her two younger siblings. Because she missed a lot of her own childhood, the librarian says she “deals better in the child world than the adult world.”During her long tenure at the school, Royer has attracted students by showing a genuine interest in their life stories and approaching them with an energetic, amiable personality, always joking and laughing.Students would gravitate toward the library whenever they had a chance, where the affable librarian would hold court. She kept couches and plenty of teddy bears around and would recommend books to students.“She’s almost like a second grandma to the kids,” said Lori Robnett, a past PTA president whose son went to College Park and was so fond of Royer that he came back and visited her after he left the school.Living in Costa Mesa since childhood, Royer graduated from Costa Mesa High School. Support staff at the high school got her through, she said, and inspired her to try to help younger generations in the same way.Royer was a board member of the PTA for 30 years (in addition to brief stints on six other school PTAs), a Girl Scout leader, a volunteer coach of the school’s track and cross country team (along with colleague Buzz Amble) and a frequent organizer of school events, which often required her to come early in the morning and leave late in the afternoon.In the summers, Royer coordinated the sanitation crew at the Orange County Fair, where she gave many of her past students their first jobs as janitors.Now the librarian is leaving because of her newest responsibility: being a grandmother.“I’m going to retire and take care of the baby or else I wouldn’t retire until I’m 90 because I love the children here,” she said.Royer has seen some of the school’s kids grow up, raise families and send their own kids to the same school. The librarian was briefly honored in front of assembled students and teachers before classes Friday.Teacher Michelle Hanscom had this to say: “We will remember your legacy here — one filled with peace, love and laughter.”It’s unlikely that College Park has seen the last of Royer. Even though she is leaving, she plans to stay involved in the school where she left a lasting imprint on the lives of so many children".


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sep 8, 2008 10:34 PM
Dear Friend,
Dear Friend,After going through your profile i am pleased to contact you,I personally loved people of style and creativity.Your profile is lively chaming.I will be glad if you can contact me on I will wait to hear from you for more details and my full contact.Regards fromVanelli

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Friday, June 5, 2009

I V Srinivas looks for a change, and a challenge ....

I would like to join an organization where I can use my skills and be an effective team member, contributing towards the growth and overall development of a company.


98199 89456

Objective :

To join an organization where I can use my skills and be an effective team member, contributing towards the growth and overall development of a company.

Summary :

Over 5+ years of experience in LBH college for MCA and also worked as a Part time faculty in IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). 10 months in software development in the areas of Java, Oracle and Object Oriented Methodology.

Educational Qualification :

Master Of Computer Applications (M.C.A) from Nagarjuna University in 2001.

Technical skills :

Databases : MS-Access, Oracle
Languages : C, C++ and Java
Operating Systems : Windows NT
Web Technologies : HTML, JavaScript, Servlets, Tomcat 5.0
Middleware : JSP
Tools : Win runner, Load runner, Test director

Professional Experience

· LBHSST’s ICA Bandra (E),

Part Lecturer

Roles and Responsibilities:

· Taking Lectures and Lab sessions
· Visiting faculty coordinator.
· In-charge for Intercollegiate event called “Tarash”
· Visiting faculty Coordinator and Conducting lectures for IDE

Achievements :

· Worked as a Sr. Supervisor for University Exams.
· Working as Sr. Examiner / Moderator / Convener for University Exam papers since 2003.
· Member of ISO Task force Committee for Hiray College
· Internal Auditor for ISO Process

Personal Profile :

Date of Birth : 15th August ’76
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian
Languages Known : English, Hindi and Telugu

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Thursday, April 30, 2009



Poonam Bambal Address: Poonam Bambal Infotainment Research Centre
2nd Floor, Sakal Building
Mobile: 91-9819335865 Saam TV Network,
91-9920752169 Plot. 42B, Sector No. 11
CBD Belapur
New Bombay-400614


To be a member of professionally managed organization that provides challenging Opportunities in the field of Library and Information Science and give me a challenging position, which could fully exploit my inherent strength of knowledge through independent responsibilities and give me consequent growth prospects.

Above 6 years experience in Library field & 5 years experience in digital media library field.

Present Status:

Working as a Librarian of IRC (Infotainment research center) of Saam TV New Bombay (Dept. Profile: Programming & News research, Reference Services, Entertainment & Commercial Library).

Other Work Experience:

* Current working as a Librarian in 'Sakal Papers Ltd'. Saam Marathi Television, Navi Mumbai, since June 2008.
* Worked as a Asst. Librarian in ‘Ushodaya Enterprises Ltd.’ ETV Network, Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, since 2004 - Apr., 2008.
* Six Month Works As a Librarian in Rungta College Of Engineering & Technology (BHILAI, MP).
* Three month working experience As a ASSt. Librarian in Rajeev Gandhi College (BHOPAL).
* Three month in Internship in Indira Kala Vishwavidyala Khairagrah (CH).
* One month Internship in National Forest Research Institute Dehradoon.


* Quick learner and excellent team player, ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure and be productive with new technologies.
* Flexible committed individual with excellent communication and troubleshooting skills.


* Handling Digital Library with Software like CHAMP, CDS/ISIS, IPMS (Program Cassette Management of Saam.)
* Classification, Cataloging, Indexing, Abstracting
* On line Cataloging
* Internet Surfing
* MS Office
* Open Office
* Database: MS-Access

Work Profile: Programming
* Entertainment Program cassette management (Non-fiction: Raw, Rushes, Masters, Promos, Songs, Audio Music, Graphics & Fiction: Unmixed Master, Mixed Master, Promos, Montage, Graphics)
* Reports: Consumption, Banking, On-air, Serials, Non-Returns, Re-use.

Professional Qualification:
* University topper BU Bhopal 2000 & 2001 (Library & Information Science)
* Master in Library and Information Science, Barkatullah University, Bhopal 70%
* Bachelor in Library and Information Science, Barkatullah University, Bhopal 78%
* Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application uncompleted

Academic Qualification:
* Graduation in Bio-Science, Sagar University, with 50%
* Intermediate in Bio-Science, MP Board, Bhopal, with 54%
* Matriculation, in MP Board, Bhopal, with 59%
Personal Profile:
Full Name: Poonam Bambal

Father's Name: Sri Prakash Jain

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 15/02/1979

Language Known: English, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi

Status: Married (Husband Devendra Bambal working as a HOD Librarian in TV9 Digital Library)

Permanent Address: C/o- Prakash Jain
Prakash Time Center
Opp. Police Station
Main Road, Pandhurna
Distt- Chindwara
State- M. P.
Pin-480 334

Dated: Your Faithfully
Place: New Bombay Poonam Bambal

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Re: You have been invited to contribute to RajLibrarian's blog

Dear Mrs.kanwaljit kaur Dhindsa,

We are overwhelmed by your interest in getting
involved with ILI as a contributor. As on date
the contents of the blog focus on : LIS news,
book reviews, highlighting of achievements
of librarians from different parts of India.
You are most welcome to join us as a team member.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

RajLibrarian-Moderator and Contributors/bloggers

Librarianship is a noble profession.

--- On Tue, 7/4/09, kanwaljit kaur Dhindsa <> wrote:

From: kanwaljit kaur Dhindsa <>
Subject: Re: You have been invited to c

ontribute to RajLibrarian's blog
Date: Tuesday, 7 April, 2009, 12:59 PM

Thanks Sir, Thank you very much to provide me
an opportunity to work with the team of professionals,
please let me know what type of contents you want on this blog.
thanks n bye for now

On 4/6/09, RajLibrarian <;
The Blogger user RajLibrarian has invited you to
contribute to the blog: "ili".
To contribute to this blog, visit:
You'll need to sign in with a Google Account to
confirm the invitation and start posting to this
blog. If you don't have a Google Account yet,
we'll show you how to get one in minutes.
To learn more about Blogger and starting
your own free blog visit

Mrs.Kanwaljit Kaur Dhindsa
Central Library
Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College
Ludhiana (Pb) India

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jacky Romo - Librarian - Mexico : speaks

From Jacky: Librarian
Thank you Raj for your wishes! This is really special for me because it is the first time that I librarian from other country sent me wishes in my birthday... I feel speechless... I am sorry! But thank you so much!!

In short about me

Jacky Romo, Coacalco, Mexico

relationship status:
April 1
languages i speak:
English (US), Spanish, English (UK)
here for:
yes - not at home
Spiritual but not religious
political view:
not political
sexual orientation:
i love my pet(s)
The Alchemist - Paulo CoelhoThe Kybalion
Kids movies
Estado de Mexico
zip/postal code:
Bachelor's Degree
high school:
Colegio Frances Hidalgo
Escuela Nacional de biblioteconomia y Archivonomia
Lets have good will
first thing you will notice about me:
164 centimeters
eye color:
hair color:
dark brown
about average
turn ons:
intelligence, public displays of affection


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

K.Santosh Kumar a senior/experienced LIS professional looks forward for a suitable and challenging position

K.Santosh Kumar a senior/experienced LIS professional looks forward for a suitable and challenging positions

Name of the candidate : KOMALA SANTOSH KUMAR

Father Name : (Late) K.Lakshmaiah

Date of Birth : 01-05-1972

Sex : Male

Nationality : Indian

Permanent Address : Plot No :187
Nalanda Nagar (A.G.s Colony)
Hyderguda (Village)
Email : M.9848333840
Language Known : English, Hindi, Telugu

Educational Qualification:

Master Degree In Library and Information Science form Osmaina University
Hyd, A.P. 1997

Master Degree in Archeology

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application




Experienced in wide range of Professional managed Academic Institutions and Research Organization, to work for an institute that promise a creative and challenging career as a Librarian in a progressive environment with can did and cooperative work culture that booster the speedy development of the institute.


National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management Under Ministry of Tourism Govt of A.P. Hyderabad, Working on contract basis since April, 2005 to Oct,2008.

All Activates pertaining to library specifications, library classification and cataloguing of books and non – books maters. Manage daily services for Students /Faculty/Research Scholars, including Reference information, circulation Service, Reprography, Abstracting, Indexing paper clipping Services Creating Data Base for Book and journals
Annual Report, Statistics Report. The responsibility involving management of library.
Nithm library is automated with Libsys Software.

A.V.Cente: Establishment of A.V. Centre

LIBRARIAN at: Raja Bhadur Venkatram Reddy Institute of Technology,Hyd From
1 Auguest, 2002 to March, 2005

LIBRARIAN at: Niraj Institute of Professional studies, Hyd, A.P. Worked from 2nd December, 1997 to July, 2002

Resource Centre Trainee at:

NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology, Ministry of Textiles,Govt of India,Hyd.A.P Worked from 26th Auguest,1997 to 6th Nov,1997 Worked as A.V.Centre

Reference:1 Dr.G.S.Rao
National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad
M: 09848044969


Librarians continue to be knowledge professionals. Would you like to communicate to the Principal Blogger of India Librarian directly? email to .- .- 1816gbgv