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Saturday, December 25, 2010

All about the budge word "Knowledge"

The budge word “Knowledge”
November 11, 2010 ; presented on December 25, 2010.

It is not uncommon these days to hear terms like knowledge society, knowledge economy, knowledge management, knowledge engineering and so on., every where in social networks , media and local day today gossips Information and knowledege and their generation, storage and retrieval and communication is a pre-requisite of human life nd its existence, since time immememorial.  Some times in the loud noise of the pronouncements of the concept and term so very often one seems to be easily mislead.  One may erroneously think and feel that the so called information/knowledgfe had no role in the shaping human society and its business and activities.  One should sooner or later come out of such fobia.  Knowledge has mattered the society,  may be much intensely thean today, in the past.  The difference could be  only in terms of ease, speed and convinience of handling it some time back we were very clear about the meaning of infomation and knowledge.  It is grossly unfortunate now that knowledge is brought to the level of data and information.l.. May be we will pay heavily on this error later.  Much of information and its processing now is computable and progammable.  May be we need to restrict ourselves at this level.  I still find it hard to digest our computing abilities when it comes to knowledge and wisdom.  This is not to undermine the importance of developments with regard to artificial intelligence and robotics.  May be the concept could have become a handy tool in the hands of modern busines sicience, may be our businesses have graduated to their second levels.  But some where some how we need to progress towards a distinction between statisticsw, data, numbers , information, knowledge and wisdom.  Let us continue to progress towar4ds arrriving at new break throughs, inventions and innovations without meddling with age old established terminologies for drawing new lines/ bench marks for business excellence.
(Inspirtion : The knowledge factory / : Times of India , November 11, 2010
Key words : Knowledge, Khowledge management, Computers, Information, Wisdom, Statistics, Librarians.

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