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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Know your Librarians Series

I am working as a Documentation Officer as well as Associate Professor I/C, at Centre on Rural Documentation of the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad, India and I have an experience of 20 years under various capacity in various institutes like college and A.P. Agricultural University. I was awarded Fulbright Scholarship under the subject Information Science and Technology for the year 2003-2004 and working as Mortenson Associate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign from Aug 28th to Feb 28, 2004. The focus of the project is on e-learning technologies for rural development communities.
I have a Bachelor degree from Andhra University with Economics, Psychology and Social Work. During my graduation I was selected as student representative for the Board of studies in the year 1977-78 from the Social Work Department of Andhra University. I have a post graduate degree in Social Work with specialization in community development besides a Master in Library Science. I was awarded a PhD on “Use of Grey Literature by Social Scientists by the Osmania University, Hyderabad
I am conversant with software like LIBSYS, CDS/ISIS, MS Office, FOXPRO, SPSS, Page Maker, Publisher, Corel Draw, HTML and HTML editors like Front Page, Dream weaver and award winning text editor Note Tab Light etc. I am also associated with bringing out the CORD publications like Directory of Rural Development Institutions in India, and periodicals like CORD Alerts, CORD Abstracts, CORD Index, Holding list of periodicals and Handbook on Online Resources etc.
I also took an active role in the development and management of Computerised Library and Information Clearinghouse (CLIC) database using various sources including Internet, which we are planning to make it web enabled for the rural development functionaries at different levels. The CLIC has been developed to serve as a central reference point for information on all aspects of rural development. CLIC caters to the needs of NIRD faculty and the development community. Associated with various projects like Library Automation, Bar-coding of Library Collection , Information needs of RD community, Functioning of Public Libraries in Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh
Taking advantage of having the combination of subjects like Social Work and Library and Information Science, I got the unique experience to work for two years in the development of Public Information Kiosks (PIKs) for Rural Development which was established by NIRD to bridge the Digital Divide between the urban and rural areas. It is a specialized project for creation of awareness among the rural people about various development programmes. It works as an Information and Communication center using information technologies. I used my expertise in identifying the information needs of the rural poor by conducting a survey in four states of India, and in the selection of the content to be put in the PIKs and its management at different stages.
I have attended many Seminars/Conferences/Workshops and presented papers to keep abreast with the latest developments in my specialization. I have also presented a paper in an International Conference on Grey Literature, organized by Grey Net (Use of Grey Literature in Rural Development: a case study) which was held at Washington, D.C on 3-4th October 1999. I stayed in USA for more than eleven months and visited some universities like University of Minnesota, River Fall University, North Dakota State University, University of California, Stanford University, University of Irvine, University of Berkley, San Jose, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, Duke University, Spring field university, State University of Bloomington, Chicago Public Library, St.Luois state university, Centre for Research Libraries, Chicago, University of Toronto, IDRC, Ottawa etc. and I have also visited some public libraries in New Jersey, New York, Toronto Minneapolis, Library of Congress and some South Asian libraries.
I published around30 articles in various journals including IAALD and Public Library Quarterly and in different conference proceedings. I traveled almost all states in India, to address the topics such as Digital Divide, Grey Literature,, Social Marketing, Information Services, Virtual libraries, Web Technologies, Web publishing Best Practices in Library Usage and Readership Enhancement (LURE), Public Libraries in India, A different Mind-Set needed for Modern day librarians, Human Resource Management in the Digital Era, Building up Digital Resources, Information Literacy and out reach services Impact of ICTs and E-Learning Technologies, Human Resource Management in the Digital era, Public Information Kiosks-an outreach center, consortia and partnership development etc.
As a part of my job, I am associated with various training programmes for the librarians like web technologies, Internet resources, and IT applications for library resource management, web publishing of information products and services, access to social science information in the Digital Era besides library and information services, technical processing, administration, grey literature, library automation, consortia and networking
During my academic studies, I obtained ranks in MSW, BLISC, MLISC and awarded prizes. I have been nominated as an active member in various associations and committees at the NIRD. I am actively involved in various professional associations in India
As a part of my Fulbright programme I have attended six weeks pre-academic programme in the University of Kansas. The programme covered the topics like Oral and written communication skills, academic report writing, cultural diversity etc. I was associated to the Mortenson Centre, (International Training Programmes) University of Illinois for six months . I audited Web Technology course for the Fall Semester. During my training I visited various libraries, attended various meetings/Conferences/Workshops and Seminars, and interacted with various experts and their projects. I presented a country paper in the Illinois Library Association (ILA) Annual Conference. I have also attended the ALA Mid winter meetings held at San Diego during Jan 9-14th, 2004. Recently I have completed successfully the web based workshop on “Electronic Collection development: Collecting and Organising Web Resources” from Kovacs Consulting Internet & Web Training , Ohio, USA
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Dr.Ramadevi, Tella

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