Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life is a reward .....

Say Goodbye With Grace

"Don't make things small and big, trivial and important.  Every thing is important. …. That there is nothing which is great or small ; it all depends on you,  what you make of it.  Start with meditation, and things will grow in you – silence, serenity, blissfulness, sensitivity.  And whatever comes out of meditation, try to bring it out in life.  Share it, because everything shared grows fast. ….

Life is a reward

and it is given only to those who have earned it, who deserve it.  It will be against existence if you don't beautify it,  if you leave it just as you have found it.  So leave it a little happier, a little more beautiful, a little more fragrant." (Excerpt from Beyond Enlightenment.  Courtesy : Osho International Foundation. : Times of India, December 1, 2010 – Speaking Tree)

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