Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Work , play and meditation

Work and Play : "The person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between their work and their play, their labour and their leisure,  their mind and their body,  their education and their recreation, their love and their religion.  They hardly know which is which.  They simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace in whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing.  To them, they are always doing both." – Zen Buddhism. (Source : Sacred Space ; Times of India, November 30, 2010).

Meditation : "Many a time seekers try to meditate on their won or take guidance3 from holy books or refer to the meditation techniques taught by great masters in their times., but are absolutely oblivious of the intricacies involved.  But because of lack of guidance when a leap beyond mind seems light years away,  they just despair.  In reality there is no need to despair but to learn meditation from a living enlightened master. …. Luminous presence of an enlightened master creates a highly charged field of consciousness paving the way for seekers to travel far more easily and faster.  Retreat with the master revitalizes and nourishes the soul, heals the wounds of mind,  afflicted for ages … dissolving into the ocean of pure bliss!" – Anandmurti Gurumaa (The speaking tree ; Times of India; Nov 30, 2010).

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