Sunday, May 9, 2010

bibliometrics and bio-bibliometrics

Neilson expansion in India Librarians can't overlook

The CEO of Neilson a Global market research giant is around in India talking to Individuals & Business Groups. Interestingly Neilson's Globally successful tools: Buzzmetrics & Neurofocus obviously come closer to what few librarians are engaged in what are known as Bibliometrics, Bio Bibliometrics, Scientometric, & Webometrics. The tools/techniques may not sound similar but should be of much interest to librarians engaged in productivity, growth & measurement studies. Curious? Be generous to be curous to look at works and writings  of  V.L Kalyane, Kademani Basavaraj with regard to scientometrics & informetrics. If you are in still gripped by what I am talking about read news clipping titled Nielson bets big & bold on Desi Mart(Times Of India:07/05/2010). Have a good day.

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