Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am so glad you answered me on my question - Niksa

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Niksa Matic
March 21, 2009

Rajsekhar Knowprof

I am so glad you answered me on my question. I ama group manager of the group called "Reference librarian worldwide" and i wil be happy if you ask for joining the group and i will accept that. I am also grateful you answered me and send some of the web sites. I am reference librarian in main county public library, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Also, i am trying to explore and every day trying to find new ideas to help our users to explore the library in many ways. So, i am interesting in many aspects of librarianship, first of all, i am trying to find information for users, help them with literature, use online or cd-rom database, explore them, and after all, i am seeking so many librarians to find how they deal with some problems on their jobs, share the ideas. etc...
Can you send me more infromation about your proffessional activites.

On 03/21/09 5:40 AM, Rajsekhar Knowprof wrote: --------------------
Dear Niksa Matic,
Sorry for the delay in the response. There are lots of social tools/groups and blogs providing latest infromation to LIS professionals.

Librarians continue to be knowledge professionals. Would you like to communicate to the Principal Blogger of India Librarian directly? email to .- .- 1816gbgv