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Friday, September 5, 2008

My dear Dr.Charygaru,

Happy Ganesh Chaturthy and happy teacher's day..

I am fine and doing well in my new assignments

in Mumbai. I work for a Trust in Mumbai

(Andheri). My family : wife, children are doing well.

My daughter is in her 12th Class and my son is in 6th Class.

Hope family and kids are doing well. What classes are they in now?

So kind of you in complementing my blog postings....

how about your joining one of blogs as an author?

Look forward to hear more from you.

Rajashkehar Devarai ; ;


Dear Rajashekhar Devarai,

Happy Ganesh Chaturdhi to you and your family (belated).

I wish you are fine and doing well..........................

I have browsed your blogs and your posting.

It seems you are very active and spending good

amount of time in networking the professionals.

With regards,


Librarianship is a noble profession.

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