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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What do we librarians do in this new connected world? towards a new Road Map!

What do we Librarians do in this new connected world? Towards a new Road Map!
Lbn.Rajashekhar Devarai
Chief Librarian, Asian School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar.
November 13, 2011

Based on different reports and surveys Robert Rego sums up the new connected world in the following ways :
  1. By 2020 almost everything from cameras to tooth brushes will become connected adding upto 50 billion connected divices.
  2. Technology will bring about huge changes in the way we work share and care about our fellow human beings.
  3. 5 billion people will have broad band by 2016 and a majority of them will use the connectivity facility on their mobile phone.
  4. For every on there has to be the solution that eases the digital life.  Taking into account the micro solutions and being able to offer the life changing technology at competitive prices is what we need and can all redefining the digital life style.
  5. The mobile worker population will exceed one billion this year and 1.2 billion by 2013.
  6. To enable a true digital life style one needs consumer cloud services platforms which encompasses various aspects of a digital life style.
How prepared are we as librarians to cater to and cope up  with this new and emerging digital life style of people. Should technologists, scientists and engineers migrate to librarianship for effective confrontation.  Should librarianship open its gates of admissionb to more of science and engineering graduates? Should we think of a four year Library Technology Programme for +2 students? What happens to the librarians who are trainined in age old LIS concepts inclined more towards paper and print?
At times we accept that our profession is at cross road…….. or is it that we are at multiple corss roads?  Knowingly or unknowingly every one of us (librarians) viz practitioners, teachers and scholars seem to be puzzled, taken aback, confused over the fast pace of technological changes that push us,  sideline us and rubbish us often.
It is indeed a challenge and opportunity as well.  Professions are never static these days.  Before they consolidate their status and position they are at cross roads very often.  And in the process they transform their intellectual assets and skills faster and faster.  Nbow this is the age of constant adaptation and change for modern active professionals and professions.  Librarinship is not an exception to this.  Sooner than later, with or without librarians the modern library / information knowledge clientele will find their appropriate professionals, tools and techniques to serve them to guide them and inspire them.  Digital life style is already in.  Librarians cannot afford to be away and aloof from this all pervading, all encompassing pressure and influence and invasion of digits.
Let us be awake and aware, lest we will be left behind many miles behind and we would be lost in the wilderness of global competitions and melt downs!
1.      Robert Rego/You are connected.-Times of India, November 13, 2011

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life is neither fair ... nor unfair .....

Is Life Fair : Vaidyanathan makes me speak / LbnRaj

The way I am beginning to respond to the ideas of Vaidyanathan may seem funny, but the issue of getting a question to answer haunts me often.  Many a time we have lots of answers … but hardly get to face questions.  May be, questions are always there, as are the answers for all of us.  As most of you may agree I search for questions for which I seem to think I have answers.  The other way round, I seem to have many questions, I don't know whom to ask, where to ask and how to ask.  I think most of all of our lives in a day revolves around this dilemma.  Am I making any sense?

Now back to Speaking Tree, frankly speaking I subscribe to Times of India for reading Speaking Tree and Sacred Space of the Centre page of TOI … and then glance through other pages as and when I feel like.  Now , when I introspect myself …. I look forward for the best answers for the most difficult questions on existence from the  best of the thinkers / scholars.  At the same time I constantly think that I have lot of answers for these typical unthinkable questions.  May be I unconsciously look forward to see others  and read others who think alike and write alike.  May be others write before I pen.  At times I feel amazed at myself how close I am to best of scholars and their thinking.  This is human nature … we only understand what we know…. We can only appreciate what we like and know.  A thing, thought or feeling that is talked about deliberated by best of scholars however easy or tough it is, cannot go into heads if we don't know about it / that.  What I want to say is , every one of us know every ting … we only revisit our thinking when others speak, say, or lecture.  Hoe I make sense in what I am trying to say.  The thing that we cannot identify is neither meaningful nor meaningless.  We like sweet …. Because we know the taste of sweet before we had it for the first in our life.  Every thing is already known to every one by birth.
Now the question of Vaidyanathan, "Is life Fair or Unfair"…. This haunts every one so often … may be one does not stop seriously to give a thought to ones state of mind later on, on that moment.  Yes life is not perfect, I say this knowing what this perfectness means.  As a child as a high school boy I cam across my friends, classmates …. Copying in the examinations … I used to pity, them as I could not convince them.  More disappointing was that their parents, brothers, sisters used to be so organized to assist the boy / girl in copying.  Now when years passed by , the same boy or the girl gets admitted to best of professional courses / get best of jobs … I felt dejected, I was left confused.  Now again often some years I find the same boy / girl in the VIP positions (Sound both by wealth and qualifications and even knowledge) and lecturing on morals and on how bad it is to copy in the examinations.  May be they have forgotten what they did … may be they are more practical … may be they have repented … may be nothing of this sort…. AND MAY BE THIS IS THE NATURE'S WAY.  May be life is not Fair.  Vaidyanathan's  concluding words are eye openers …. "While life may seem unfair, if things changed as per every individual's desires and wishes, imagine the chaos and confusion that would result.  In a matter of few days, the world would come to the end.  The apparent unfairness that we see is indeed for continuity.

Yes, life is neither fair nor unfair, life is neither perfect nor imperfect.  Life is what it exists like.  Life exists without our consent … the way it is … and more real could be that life exists and continues in tune with laws of nature!  Search for questions for which you have answers … it is amazing … it is worth your time spent on it! Wonder! You will know that you have lots and lots of answers … if you know how to come closer to questions, …. Have an open mind …. Introspect …. Meditate … you will find a treasure of questions and answers within yourself !!!!!

Key words : LbnRaj, Rajashekhar Devarai, Life, P.V.Vaidyanathan, Speaking Tree, Times of India

Reference : Vadyanathan P.V / Is Life Fair Or Unfair .- Speaking Tree, Times of India.- November 10, 2011
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to divine love … with hand holding by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : February 08, 2011

Back to divine love … with hand holding by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : February 08, 2011

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says :

  1. The ability to receive genuine love comes with the ability to give love.
  2. Deep inside, you know that love is not an emotion ; it is your very existence.
  3. …. All the seeming disturbances in love, in your life, do not take away your nature, which is pure love, un conditional love.
  4. You are in love because you can't be but in love.
  5. This love (divine love) is so unconditional; it does not depend on the behaviour of the other person.
  6. Divine love is so refined and so subtle, it cannot be expressed; it can only be experienced.
  7. Divine love, however grows every moment……
  8. Divine love is like the sky which is limitless, infinite.
  9. If there is any thing in this universe that cannot be defined, it is love. If you can describe love, then it is far from the truth. You give flowers, you hug, you prostrate, you offer but still something remains unexpressed.

Source : Love is in the Air/Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.-Speaking Tree.-Times of India, February 08, 2011.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We the Librarians need to operate from the source of our thoughts... trust me .... LbnRaj ;

Golden words of Lane Wagger (Source : Speaking Tree, Times of India, January 19, 2011):
January 19, 2011; Wednesday
  1. The mind is capable of the same settling (like a wave in the ocean) down, or transcending process. Waves of thought retire to the source of thought.
  2. The agitated, limited value of thought gains the unlimited status of being the silent depth of the ocean of consciousness.
  3. The mind is like a body of water : choppy on the surface, silent and stable at its depth.  When we experience only the noisy surface level of thinking, difficulties abound.
  4. The growth of inner silence is the basis of spiritual unfolding and material success.
  5. Consciousness is the prime mover of life.
  6. Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness.
  7. If you are anchored to the silent blissful state of consciousness, everything you do becomes joyful.
  8. According to Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, handle that one thing – consciousness – by which every thing else is handled.
"Just like any other individuals in society, we the librarians do fee insecure , un happy, stressful and anxiety ridden often at times. We are skeptical and worried over the illogical behaviour of our bosses and co-workers and subordinates. We feel proud of some of our colleagues for their good deeds, feel sorry for the irrational behaviour of some others. All is well …. when we work from the core of our consciousness. All is well when we work from the source of our thoughts…that is consciousness. We are heading steadfast to emerge as the much awaited and coveted title of a 'knowledge professional'. Wagger says, "Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness". Being Knowledge professional in this context is to be operating from the source of our thoughts, to be operating from  the silent blissful consciousness level. The day is not far when we slide and glide towards being recognized as a full-fledged librarian, a librarian who would be sought after by every one who has to do some thing to do with knowledge. Cheers". –

Keywords : Librarian, Librarianship,knowledge,consciousness,thoughts, Lane Wagger,Speaking Tree,Times of India, silence, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, success, consciousness,

LbnRaj ; ; (Source of Inspiration : Lane Wagger, Speaking Tree, Times of India, January 19, 2011)
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Vinita asks a question, “Why cant we stop “I”ing to the outer world and start “eyeing” our inner selves? As Librarians how do we answer this question? January 17, 2011; Monday

Vinita asks a question, "Why cant we stop "I"ing to the outer world and start "eyeing" our inner selves? As Librarians how do we answer this question? January 17, 2011; Monday
What is this going beyond after all?  Is it about being contended, being selfless, being egoless being broad minded, being inclusive, being tolerant, being happy for what we are and being proud about being amongst the commoners and the greats simultaneously? The answer to this question puts librarians and the librarianship in perspective.  The answer to this question has potential to position librarian and librarianship to the centre place of social fabric.  We can graduate to the indispensable value systems of social  life making way for much awaited and coveted title of being a full fledged profession.  to put it in understandable terms an occupation moves from being a work and job to being a profession and a calling.  When the he, she, it, they, are put in focus, the I and me concerns get more boost and more calling from every where.
What this means to a Librarian?
  1. Being a Librarian let us be what we are and what we stand for.  We  are and will be more comfortable if we are comfortable with what we are as a librarian.
  2. We don't need status comparable to that either of a teacher, scientist or manager or leader or a scholar.  We  have to emerge your self as a true librarian.  lot remains to be done to be a librarian, to be a true librarian.  We can never go further, grow further if we are moved by the glamour of fascinating titles like, a manager, leader or a teacher.
  3. Status does not come with fancy titles, it comes and builds upon our intrinsic potentials and credentials.
  4. User first, members first, patrons first : Our stability and status are closely interlinked to our action and activities and services.  We should make our space and get into doing what others are not into doing.  That makes us indispensable.  When we go further and further in this regard we be come indispensable and we become eligible for what we really deserve from people around and society at large.
  5. Yes, we have to speak the language of he, she, they and you.  Let us place the reader, user, member, patron in the centre place and we will be  on the right track.
  6. There is nothing less in what we are and what we stand for.  We are already at the centre of social fabric.  It is time to realize and introspect.  We had arrived at this centre space long long before.  It is now, again to re assert and go as closer to this reality as possible.  It is possible.  It is possible, because we are already what we wanted to be?
  7. It is time we really stand for what we are ….. this ideal is no less an ideal.  Let society give / bestow  upon us what it rightfully thinks as right and due and true.
We are librarians, we are professionals, nothing more nothing less.  So what if we  still continue to emerge into the best of  what we are!
Keywords : Librarian, librarianship, I, Iing, eyeing, beyond  I, worth, O-zone, Vinita Dawra Nangia, competition,, status, prestige, profession, professionalism, Rajashekhar Devarai, Sociology, LbnRaj, Times of India, Times Life.
LbnRaj, ;
(Inspiration : Let us go beyond 'I' / Vinita Dawra Nangia.-Times of India, January 16, 2011).
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Mother, Mother and Mother !!!!!!!!

"I am the mother of the wicked, as I am the mother of the virtuous.  Never fear.  Whever you are in distress, so your self, 'I have a mother'." (Sri Sarada Devi). Beautiful indeed! Sri Sarada Devi has told what every one does without any one being told about this.  Whenever We are in trouble or distress …. We suddenly pronounce ………… 'maa'……………. Avva………………. Mummy……………….. That is the nature's gift to human kind known as Mother.  There cannot be any other example of unconditional and unlimited love …………….. other than mother. "If you want peace do not see the faults of others.  Rather see your own faults.  Learn to make the w2hole world your own.  No one is stranger, my child.  The whole world is your own." (Sri Sarada Devi). True indeed ……………………we keep searching for the mistakes that others commit tend to commit………………..unaware of what mistakes we commit …………..keep committing.   No one is a stranger in this world …………. What a truth. We are all connected by land water and air and space……………………… nothing in universe is disconnected. Every thing is connected with the super power……….the supreme power………….all inclusive of living and non living things.  I am so much thank ful to Times of India for including these two wonderful columns known as Sacred Space and The Speaking Tree. They are constant source of inspiration, courage and wisdom…………..not only to me but all those who are addicted to wait for the days Sacred Space and The Speaking Tree. Hope Librarians do have this habit of having a daily glimpse of sacred space and The speaking Tree. I wish they do! What do you Say? (Inspiration : Sacred Space , December 27, 2010, Times of India)
Keywords : Mother,Sri Sarada Devi,The Speaking Tree,Sacred Space,Times of India,Universe,Super power,Supreme power,Maa,Mummy,Avva,librarian

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What is this Big Bird Thinking? ....

Can Librarians be big bird thinkers?
"Big bird thinkers are those who  are so mature that nothing can distract them from their objectives, who give well-considered responses when in adverse situations, rather than simply indulging in an emotional backlash. …………….. Spirituality is good for the all-round development of the individual's personality, for it makes you free of tension and friendly towards all.  Spirituality is the way to all kind of success. …………………… positive thinking makes you a 'bid bird thinker' and 'big bird thinking' imbues the human character with spirituality.  Although this is an inner quality, it is this inner quality that has the power to better all your external affairs." - Maulana Wahiduddin Khan ; (Source : The Speaking Tree, Times of India, December 22, 2010).

Yes, I dont know what is my status with regard to Big Bird Thinking ..... I do strongly feel and believe that I do have the habit of spontaneous emotional back lashes .... which is not in tune with this philosophy. I know those who fall in this category of thinking … are much above quick back lashes …. They go in for considered and well-thought out responses. But what about being natural and spontaneous … being simple and responsive ….. just in tune with the natural laws and nature. I think I need to think further on this. I think librarians on line these days are more into responsive …. Quick reactive mode than considered responses on wide range of their interests and avocations? Am I right? What about modern bloggers …. Can we find many bloggers who fall into the category of 'big bird thinkers' ?

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The option is yours......

"The option is yours: Cultivate a generous disposition - forgive, forget and move on in life.  Life will never stagnate. We can nurture robust, loving and transparent relationships or choose to tarnish them with selfishness, malevolence and deceit". - Geetika Jain/The option is yours.-The speaking Tree.-Times of India.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

On conscious / Unconscious and School Education!!!!

On conscious / Unconscious and School Education

1."A tension free mind is one that can function positively despite
contradiction" - Maulana Wahiduddin Khan : Times of India (9th July 2010 :
Speaking Tree).

2.Essay by Ashok Malik titled "High Demand, short supply" on school education

India is relevant and timely. Parents are ready willing and ready to spend on
the quality education of their children. They obviously want better labs,
play grounds furniture and equipped libraries in the schools where their kids
study. I dont think it is logical for the government to come in between , when
parents are ready to spend more and schools are ready to maintain high


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At Random from Lbn.Raj / July 7, 2010 Sanjiv Kaura says , “ the best way to find happiness is to not chase it”.

At Random from Lbn.Raj / July 7, 2010

Sanjiv Kaura says , “ the best way to find happiness is to not chase it”. I think it is right. Happyness is a wonderful phenomenon. If you remember well,… will be happy today because you were not happy yesterday, you are happy because your friend is not happy, you are happy today because your yesterday was so cool and enjoyable. You feel happy today because your yesterday was not so comfortable., you feel happy because you have physical ailments which are not so severe and dangerous like one of your friends. The concept of happiness is much discussed….debated over ages. Now see ….. according to Sanjib, University of Pennsylbania is offering a Masters degree in happiness …. Wonderful. Don’t forget to visit my group in orkut titled …. “happy librarians”. The most mysterious thing about happiness is that every one wants to be happy..

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Raj Librarian's musings

Raj Librarian’s Musings:

1. Beautiful thought of Anjali Mendes caught me this Monday unawares, To learn something new, everyday is a gift. You realize this only if your mind is open to the world & to life…….. I learnt that discipline & punctuality & respect for people were crucial to advancement, both in terms of career & self development……In the course of my career & travels, meeting people, exchanging ideas- that have helped me to absorb & learn, to share & spread happiness, transcending geography, culture & relationships. It is time for the Librarians to imitate this first international fashion model late Anjali Mendes(Pierre Cardin), in absorbing & learning, sharing & spreading happiness, transcending happiness, transcending geography, culture & relationships(Inspiration : : Times of India: Speaking Tree 21/06/2010).

2. Librarians can not afford to be uninformed of the ideas/thoughts of writers, novelists like Siddharth Dhanvant. Here he is, “Today books are in the ring with Twitter and books are defeated by 140 characters……Cinema makes me feel like I am personally going out of print” The idea of re-rendering the thoughts of Siddhartha is only to sensi-tise librarians to come out of their narrow shells, be more responsive, be more informed, be in the fore front of ideas than being followers, cataloguers & indexers. We do have a legacy of scholarship. Librarians should continue to be scholars. No other way seems to be more realistic & challenging & meaningful (Inspiration: Siddharths paper: Times of India 21/06/2010)., towards career growth and professionalism.

3. Whether in Government, or Private/Corporate sector, librarians can’t afford to be their limited shells. They need to be more pragmatic, more outspoken & more relevant to real callings of work & organization. They need to be multitasking sooner or later to prove their nerves of professionalism. Have a look at what Norbert Nego wrote today with a caption “One thing at a time” (Inspiration: TOI 20/06/2010).

4. Times of India’s clipping…..”looking for company? Just rent a friend” (TOI 21/06/2010). Interesting indeed! How about saying, “Looking for information & knowledge? Just rent a Librarian!

Chief Librarian - ASBM
blog :

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Monday, March 9, 2009

At Random from RajLibrarian

3.15pm : Sunday : 2009 March 08

Human mind indeed is more mysterious than we have understood it so far. So many incidences happen from morning till evening. In between we may happen to listen to our family members, friends or relatives or happen to read or see some things. The interesting part is we can interpret these things as we like them as we understand them, as we associate those things to actually what we really are and what we really think in terms of our backgrounds , readings and experiences. Another exciting and interesting thing about our mind is, we hear just the opposite of actually what is heard, we see and visualize things that are just the opposite of what they are. We hear to some one justifying the merits of socialism, and the fun is we reaffirm our stand on the merits of capitalism and democracy. This is one of the uniqueness of our mind. Yesterday night when I slept I had put alarm on my mobile to get up at 6.00pm so that my kids will get up for studies for their examinations (they are half way through their exams), I can plan well for the better utilization of the Sunday. My morning alarm at 5.00am or 5.30 or 6.00am is always a nuisance to Sharada. Everyday she gets up early…..but any thing earlier that she cant tolerate. She cant sleep once she hears the alarm and where as I never get up at the time the bell rings. She says when you cant get up why do you put the alarm? It is to wake me up….. What I think for the last so many years…….whether one achieves whatever is planned/anticipated or one needs to focus on the goal by planning and visualizing continuously non stop., I remember Michelangelo’s words from the quotes, next to “Mind over Matter” of today’s Times(Times of India 8-3-2009). “ The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving the mark”. And it is such of the thoughts that have deep rooted in mind, which continue to push forward on a regular basis to focus on higher aims, irrespective of whether I have ever been able to proceed even an inch forward!

This is my psyche and thought!

Today as it happens sometimes, I happened to glance through the centre page paper on Mind over matter(Follow your spirit/Shalini Singh.-Times of India, 8th March 2009). The author seemed to be quite well read with regard to global warming, climate change and spirituality as such. As I understand the paper tries to bring out the side effects of organized religion. Her commentary on the works of a spiritual guru and mass exodus of devotees towards his yoga camps is too rough and unpolished and to a certain extent uncalled for and….. One cannot understand spirituality and divinity by reading and scholarship. If the author has time at all, she should try to understand what it is actually otherwise she should be able to Offer an alternative. The so called educatedness and bookish scholarship does not lead one any where except for misleading the other innocents, who may at times be ill read and ill informed at times ill equipped in terms of logic and reasoning. The whole materialistic World(West), lost in their materialistic and lopsided thinking has been looking at India and Indian guru’s ( may not be connected to religion), for understanding , inspiration and divinity. Let us not forget this!

To Librarians:

Being librarians I know we are too engrossed in our Endeavour to bring quality services to our readers. We need to acquire knowledge, classify, catalogue and disseminate. We have fortunately now arrived at a prominent best practices that lead us effectively from establishing a library/knowledge back to maximizing the impacts of our professional services!

Let us not be lost in the box, let us not succumb to the situations and circumstances.

Let us empathize, look around and interact with the environment with an open mind,. Let us widen our scale of work and thinking. Let us keep-0 our thoughts ventilated. Let us assume consciously different possible roles to bring in fresh air into our set thought processes and isms. Let us be keen observers conscious citizens, pro active, leaders, scientists, social scientists poets, painters, philosophers and pragmatists at times as often – as regularly as possible.

Librarians, welcome home, widen our personal space, identify our uniqueness be ourselves that is what society and people around expect of us, identify ourselves, define ourselves in as clear terms as possible…….. shall we resolve?

Let us be as far away as possible from the so called “ IDENTITY CRISIS!”

(my apologies : the write is not edited for its correctness….it is as typed online and the first version of the author)
Rajashekhar Devarai ;

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fw: 20090203 - A reflection by Rajashekhar Devarai on Arun Maira's paper "global meltdown"


February 3rd 2009


A reflection of a Librarian on "A matter of trust/Arun Maira.-Times of India – February 2, 2009, page 16(centre page).


This educative centre page article by Management consultant Arun is educative and sensitizing.  It is specially useful to commoners and non-finance-non economists to grasp a minimum of understanding about concepts like : recession, global meltdown, global slowdown, global meltdown etc. The much valued freedom that the business need, the extent of accountability and responsibility that is required of them towards government and society are well brought out in the paper.


A reasonable and significant ethical level of conduct on the part of businessmen; transparency and required flexibility of rules and guidelines on the part of Government and a trust and belief of people towards both Government and Business work towards building  sound global economies.  As brought very well by Arun business which always wanted less and less interference by government, now wants their unquestioned and unlimited support both in terms of finance and moral backing.  It is true, these troubled times need fundamental changes in the ways governments function, in the way businesses function and in the way people empower and trust governments and business.  Are we all to move forward towards a disciplined flexibility and a reasonable balancer between freedom and equity.


What do we think about this as librarians? Directly or indirectly, to a more or less extent we too are business, a different servicing business.  Apart from asking more and more in terms of salaries and perks and of course budgets; we need to learn the economics of financing of the libraries, our duties and accountability towards all stake holders , I mean the institution we serve and the government and people at large.


As librarians let us learn more and more lessons of being sensitive, responsible and accountability and lateral thinking, at these troubled and hopeless times.  Shall we pledge to be out of the box, shall we restart ourselves to prove our social relevance and indispensability.  We have come of age.  Let us re-affirm ourselves, and continue our age old affinity with knowledge and its power.


Rajashekhar Devarai


blog :

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