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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lbn. Raj responds at Random

15th July 2010

Lbn. Raj responds at Random:

It is quite a known fact that not taking a stand and decision is a stand/decision by itself. since morning I thought today that I did not do anything. The things that I thought were the priority could not be done, accomplished! Then the good news is that when I am thinking that I am not doing anything, yet I get going on things & thoughts that I did not intend to. So, in fact I got involved in thoughts that came just like that & unasked for and I can not resist but to be with them & unknowingly & unconsciously get more intensely involved than when I really wanted to be involved intensionally and consciously.

Any way this holy day of Puri Jagannath’s Rath Yatra got me involved unusually into thoughts & isms which many of us dare to face, dare to get involved, dare to live with.

And I chance upon to reflect, recollect, respond on & start afresh on what Anil K Rajvanshi writes in Speaking Tree of Times of India (13.07.2010) today, on an unusually conceived title “Cloud Computing & Reincarnation” what a creative & thought providing analysis & simile?

Anil has beautifully brought out the meaning of the concept “Knowledge Space”. Modern day knowledge Managers can not afford to miss such out of the box thoughts!

Anil’s ideas on Cloud Computing & Reincarnation can be summarized as follows:

  1. Research on Cloud Computing helps us to understand the concept of Reincarnation.
  2. Most of the information for personal use now days is stored in Cyber space.
  3. Our personal information stored in Cyber space can be recalled by way of a user id & password.
  4. In the similar fashion our intense individual memories of experiences & thoughts can be accessed from Knowledge Space(KS) by way of an “Avatar
  5. What gets transferred from the dying person to something else, some one else is through an id & password.
  6. One could succeed in liberating by Yoga & Sanyam. From the past experiences & sanskaras by modification & erasing/deleting.
  7. Not all memories exist in knowledge space, only deeply emotional ones do.
  8. The practice of giving birth name based on horoscope has deep connections to the understanding & analysis of the phenomena of reincarnation & cloud computing
  9. Ramakrishna came to know about reincarnation of Vivekananda by putting his hand on his chest.
  10. Vivekananda experienced the past memories of a disciple by touching his hand. This process is very much similar to the process of eliciting information from the cyber cloud.
  11. There are reports of some very young children reporting vaguely on their experiences & impressions of past births & avatar’s.
  12. Just like we create at our profile in a social network site we create our profile in knowledge sphere/space.
  13. The more powerful some one’s mind is, the bigger is the signature in the KS.

As you see, I could not resist in summarizing the ideas of Anil, I am indeed proud to be doing so.

All social human & physical sciences invariably derive their roots in logic, maths & philosophy. There is no wonder Anil explains the concept of RE-INCARNATION by comparing with modern IT man’s concept of Cloud Computing. Hats off to this agricultural scientist. This kind of exposition is out of the box, unusual, creative & no less an innovation!! Mr. Anil should continue to write on such not so much talked topics. Best wishes.

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Cloud Computing : Cloud computing is a general term for anything that

involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. (Whatis.Com). Cloud Computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.(Wikipedia)

Reincarnation : Reincarnation is the belief that when one dies one's body

decomposes but something of oneself is reborn in another

body. It is the belief that one has lived before and will live

again in another body after death. (The Skeptic’s


Cyber space : Cyberspace is a domain characterized by the use of

electronics and the electromagnetic spectrum to store,

modify, and exchange data via networked systems and

associated physical infrastructures.(Whatis.Com)

User id : A User ID is the code used by a User to identify himself

when he logs into a system and starts a Login Session

Password : An identification name or password used to allow an

individual user access to a computer system. (MSN.


Knowledge Space : In mathematical psychology, a knowledge space is a

combinatorial structure describing the possible states of

knowledge of a human learner. To form a knowledge space,

one models a domain of knowledge as a set of concepts,

and a feasible state of knowledge as a subset of that set

containing the concepts known or knowable by some

individual (Wikipedia)

Avatar : Avatar is the embodiment of a person or idea. (Tech


Ref: Anil K. Rajvansi/ Cloud Computing & Reincarnation; Speaking Tree-Times of India, July 13, 2010

Books/Publications by Anil K. Rajvansi:

1. Nature of Human Thought, A book on Spirituality, Technology & Sustainable


2. “An Answer to Energy Crisis in India-Solar Energy” Editorial Article published in

Hindustan (Hindi daily), Oct-18, 1974

3. “Wing your way to Self-awareness” editorial article in TOI, Dec-15, 2003

Lbn. Raj is thankful to Ms. Susri Priyadarsini Padhi, Junior Librarian, ASBM, BBSR, for insightful inputs in the preparation & conceptualization of this write up.

Lbn. Raj

Chief Librarian-Asian School of Business Management, BBSR,

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