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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fw: 20090203 - A reflection by Rajashekhar Devarai on Arun Maira's paper "global meltdown"


February 3rd 2009


A reflection of a Librarian on "A matter of trust/Arun Maira.-Times of India – February 2, 2009, page 16(centre page).


This educative centre page article by Management consultant Arun is educative and sensitizing.  It is specially useful to commoners and non-finance-non economists to grasp a minimum of understanding about concepts like : recession, global meltdown, global slowdown, global meltdown etc. The much valued freedom that the business need, the extent of accountability and responsibility that is required of them towards government and society are well brought out in the paper.


A reasonable and significant ethical level of conduct on the part of businessmen; transparency and required flexibility of rules and guidelines on the part of Government and a trust and belief of people towards both Government and Business work towards building  sound global economies.  As brought very well by Arun business which always wanted less and less interference by government, now wants their unquestioned and unlimited support both in terms of finance and moral backing.  It is true, these troubled times need fundamental changes in the ways governments function, in the way businesses function and in the way people empower and trust governments and business.  Are we all to move forward towards a disciplined flexibility and a reasonable balancer between freedom and equity.


What do we think about this as librarians? Directly or indirectly, to a more or less extent we too are business, a different servicing business.  Apart from asking more and more in terms of salaries and perks and of course budgets; we need to learn the economics of financing of the libraries, our duties and accountability towards all stake holders , I mean the institution we serve and the government and people at large.


As librarians let us learn more and more lessons of being sensitive, responsible and accountability and lateral thinking, at these troubled and hopeless times.  Shall we pledge to be out of the box, shall we restart ourselves to prove our social relevance and indispensability.  We have come of age.  Let us re-affirm ourselves, and continue our age old affinity with knowledge and its power.


Rajashekhar Devarai


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