Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Your Coca-Cola lotto Winning Streak Prize €25,600.000 ER

Coca-Cola-European Partners

Netherlands. Watermanweg
30. Rotterdam,
3067 GC Netherlands

We wish to congratulate you over your mobile success in our online Coca-Cola-European Partners and world wild Coca-cola mobile lottery promotion Draw. The 2018 Tenth lottery annual promo held here in north-western Europe, Amsterdam Netherlands.

This is a millennium scientific computer game in which mobile numbers were selected online and used. It is a promotional program aimed at encouraging Coca-Cola Customers World-Wild.
Therefore you do not need to buy any ticket to enter it. You have been approve to claim the sum of Ђ25,600.000 ER (Twenty Five Million, Six Hundred Thousand Euros) from online Coca-cola mobile lottery promotion. To claim your winning prize you are to provide the following information as soon as possible for immediate release of your winning prize with the below stated information.

1.) Full name:
2.) Age:
3.) Sex:
4.) Address:
5.) Winning mobile number:
6.) State/province:
7.) Country:
8.) Phone:
9.) Occupation/position:

Please kindly furnish us with the following information for processing of you prize.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Sol Daurella ComadrЁўn

Chairman of the Board Coca-Cola-European Partners