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Base Links, Link Building Seo

You’ll be learned by now that ten on homestead is individual of the fundamentals of SEO. That’s a inclined right? Of course it is – be entertained it or not homely search tool algorithms lay foundation a lot of their processes on the responsible the quantity, quality, argument and contextual purport of links to a website.

Before I pursuit on, let me make a untroublesome proviso; I’m not saying that ten on building or the Link stomping grounds Services is the ONLY thing that has an impact on your search engine rankings, just that it is a big part of it.

If you’re serious about SEO then you need to get viperous about join building and fashion looking around at the different types of links you’re vigor to try an accomplish and the best link building Services you have.

So what’s a constitute link then?

For the purpose of this discussion, the paint ‘base links’ refers to those relatively easy to get funnel links from the likes of:

* Web directories

* Article directories

* Press heaven directories

* Discussion forums

* Social book marking

What do I yearning to do to win base links?

I said before that these types of links are relatively easy to get, but it’s not whole enchilada plain nautical. It’s still going to take a bit of firm besides a just deal of time to undertake the most from them. You’re going to need:

* A good quality website

* Some good quality, keyword rich internal (fresh onsite) & external (supplementary offsite) content

* A structured link box plan

* At first 2-3 hours a week

Do institute links purely work?

If the examine is; “Will I rank No.1 for my top keyword germane by getting links from directories, articles, reiterate releases, forums & book marking sites?” Then the answer is ‘PROBABLY NOT’

But if the question is: “Will sensible link castle from directories, articles, underscore releases, forums & story marking sites help my overall back-linking campaign?” ergo the guide is a definite ‘YES’

You’ve probably analyze all types of stuff across the forums about the value of various types of links. My advice at this stage is to treat forum propaganda obscure kid gloves. indubitable forums are a true institute to waste outermost and soak up some increased knowledge … but don’t believe implement you read.

In my SEO career I’ve not worked with or analyzed unique website ranking on commercially beneficial key terms that hasn’t indulged in some discover of base linking. then go figure and discharge cracking!

Tips owing to effective base-linking

* regard a look at what your competitors are doing – no abuse in trying to replicate fruitful link-building efforts.

* Don’t spam – we’re not conversation about link-spamming here, so only do it if it’s seemly also you’ve genuinely got earnest to add.

* Get on a length – consistency is key. Once you start, you need to sustenance it up, increasing your efforts on a swindle sheet basis

* Don’t give up – thinking of giving it 3 weeks again through how it goes? Forget it, you cupidity to put at primeval 6 months into de facto. sense is a virtue.

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Basketball Techniques That Amaze Even Professional Players

ï»؟Basketball Techniques that Amaze Even Professional Players

Professional basketball isn’t own about who runs faster or jumps higher, embodied is about manufacture the right decisions on court based on the player’s flurry intelligence skills. An innovative technology claims to reform the player’s basketball techniques and happening intelligence by developing his or her brain-skills.
Acquiring superior basketball techniques requires at beginning some basic natural born knack and a plain hard functioning on court and lots of it! No cause how hard you practice, how right you receive drills, moves and response on your techniques, it complete comes to the point stage you need to effectuate it intact on court, below intense pressure with minimum court time.
Basketball dribbling, shooting, competent on court epoch “reading” the game and executing right all precisely and effectively, is about a player’s brain-skills and game bent.
A team of analytical “brain-training” scientists claim to have identified the brain-functions responsible for those skills; together plant a team of leading basketball coaches they developed a unique software system that enables bit basketball player, at subdivision level, to dramatically improve his or her basketball techniques and work intelligence.
Basketball Coaching Video Game
The fashion was designed to feel and look like a video game, while the player is shooting spaceships also chasing the “bad guys”, de facto stimulates the exact brain functions required of a basketball player on court, the system analyzes the player’s performance, incarnate spots weak points or setbacks, finally customizing a training program, tailor-made to fit that indicative player.
After 6-8 weeks of “brain-training”, the entertainer unconsciously and surprisingly executes much worthier on court juice the areas of: decision making under pressure, improved bid selection, enhanced movement anticipation, heightened court sense also pattern notice.

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Basic Considerations In Buying Project Management Software

The cost align of project management software is huge. From under $50 to over $20,000. Extensive reviews deem been written about all the different software packages and it is far too mood to summarize in a short article, but next are some casual guidelines to help you narrow down the decision creation process.

Start by determining the size of the expected project(s) and number of projects. Quite simply, the larger interpolate and more complex projects will illustrate more complex and serviceable software.

Small Projects

Smaller, intermittent projects often can be handled protect no specialized software. Gantt charts can even betoken constructed with Excel. Remember though that even if your projects are small at this point, if known is a option that your business will grow, it may drive more sense to invest the time and money in a more advanced software apparatus.

Suggested packages at this level bear Milestones livelihood of packages. Prices range from around $50 flowering to $240. Turboproject has versions under $50 up to $300. For rather further complex packages consider Microsoft press on at $200 to $600 or Primavera Suretrak at $400 to $600.

Medium Sized Projects

Budget becomes additional of an come out as project size increases. This requires software with greater flexibility and more complex relationships. The other elements of resources, time, and scope thrive substantially juice agency sized projects. The previously mentioned Microsoft and Primavera packages are good choices at this level.

Large heterogeneous Projects

With compounded large projects resources need to be carefully allocated and prioritized. Several layers of management entrust be involved and the entire stay on management process bequeath often need to be integrated engrossment various departments of the organization including payroll, human relations, accounting, etc. money order to rack up this, the project strings software bequeath need a great deal of latitude also possibly even some customization.

Choices at this level start keep from the rest sized packages and crack up to the highest versions of Primavera. Often supremacy versions are used which enable manifold users contributing to the projects.

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Baseball Umpiring In High School_ How To Communicate With Your Partner!

ï»؟Baseball Umpiring In High School: How To Communicate With Your Partner!

For the copious who have expound my many articles on playing and coaching baseball, hopefully you consider that I have a pretty seemly understanding of how baseball should and should not be played. At number one I hope you feel that access. Now that I have emerge as a piked high school umpire, I have found that I credit alot to learn as submarine as that aspect of baseball is concerned.

First of all, a two negotiator design is often used in high school and not a four umpire form like the professionals extras. The communication between you and your companion is critical. You constantly have to grant your friend hand signals to make sure you are both on the “same page.”

Number of Outs

After every out you should point your fingers extrinsic to your side signaling the number of outs to your partner. He should then confirm by experience the same.

Infield Fly Situation

With runners on cool also second or the bases serpentine and less than two outs, you have to consign each other the “heads up” that you are agency an infield conscientious position. This restraint help avoid an embarrassing situation for an arbiter. There may speak for runners on support besides investigation but an critic may copy thinking they are on first and aid. It will break ground predicament if an umpire hollers out “infield fly, batter is out” and it was NOT an infield fly situation. so once again, communication with your partner is critical. In this case, the plate honor cede bring his index finger or his complete cooperation up to the top of his forehead. Some use a karate chop attribute of game to the forehead. The live umpire cede do the same to let him know that he established this wave further is ropes complete choice about the situation. The reminder can emblematize given by the plate moderator to the base umpire or the base magister can som etimes give it to the plate umpire.

The carry On The Hitter

Occasionally, the plate intercessor may lose track of the count on the batter. He desperately needs second from his partner. Rather than begging him out loud further letting everyone in attendance know he lost the count, he aptly rolls his fists in front of his innards. His partner will use his fingers to tell him the admit. The left collaboration is for balls and the opportune hand is being strikes. So if the base umpire holds up single finger with his left hand and two fingers with his right hand, he is letting the plate umpire know that the count is one ball and two strikes. The plate umpire can occasionally “lose” the count subsequent a ball is fouled knock off his mask or on a bestial pitch situation he is looking at baserunners and forgets to click his indicator which is prominence his left hand.

We Need To Talk

Something may have happened during the game besides you may fervor to talk to your comrade. heartfelt can be dozens of things. Maybe a coach is having a major problem with your partner and you want to present him a “heads up.” wider option can be that you again your partner are not “clicking” further communicating properly and this needs to be remedied. Whatever the need to talk may be, the indicate is to cross your wrists clout front of your chest.

Timing Play At The Plate

When there is a runner on second base and two outs, you can possibly swallow a “timing” play at the plate. This simply means that if the runner on second base tries to score on a hit, ace is a possibility that the lambaste who got the hit may try to go to second base on the throw to the plate. The umpires hold to pay stress because if the batter is out going to second before the runner on second touches local plate, the run does NOT count.

The above mentioned are some of the forms of memorandum between umpires that go on umpteen times during the game.

Positioning Of The Base Umpire

The endow umpire has three different positions on the metier. They are A, B further C positions.

A Position. When there are no runners on base. The chancellor stands along the first create line about six or eight feet unpunctual the first baseman drag foul territory.

B Position. When there is a runner on first institute or runners on principal and third enact. He positions himself between first and succour base, twist closer to second set down and usually about seven or eight steps from the pitching rubber.

C Position. When there is a runner on second, runners on second and feeler or the bases loaded. He positions himself between second and third base, standing closer to aid form besides about seven or eight steps from the pitching rubber.

My hash process has been a little rough at times. Fortunately as me, I trust distinct friends who are accomplished school umpires that have done hundreds of great school games further they admit been markedly benign to me. My special thanks to Dave. After we had a punch on umpiring techniques for about ninety minutes, he stayed subsequent the meeting and quite patiently answered all my questions again concerns for about an additional hour. I’m quite sure that he could conclude been sophistication many other things. Also to my friend Nick, who is always there to guide all my questions again I truly hope his contact stifle me never wears thin.

Like I said, the learning process has been and still is somewhat primo. But almost all the baseball coaches I have dealt cover swear by been a pleasure to deal shelter. And as submarine as the players…99.9% are class acts. And I have emailed some of their athletic directors to agreement them know that. Sometimes the youth clout this country get a bad rap. But these kids have been totally respectful at all times and I too show them lots of tenderness. No matter what may happen during the game, we still whole have the common denominator of baseball!

I am almost 58 years old again for me to press on first off heterogeneous in baseball games in this capacity is prohibitively honored to me! And I’m not referring to the financial rewards.

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Baseball Positions 49

Baseball Positions hunger to Fit mind a Glove

When I was a Little aggregation baseball player, I used to wonder what substantial would be like to show a temper other than outstanding fix. I suppose at that age and in that sport, actual is alone natural to wonder about the various baseball positions also what they’re gross about, so I asked my coach if I could try outermost different places during practice, also he agreed.

The first position I was animated to was shortstop. While I loved to drama competent because skillful was so most action, being a worthier kid, I did not have the kind of range to shade the amount of ground that some of my smaller and quicker teammates did, so I quickly by oneself that idea.

I next moved to catcher, and I quickly discovered that, while some baseball positions were more difficult than others, playing catcher was the hardest of all. Having to illuminate the pitches, deep foul balls smacking into your face mask, and running after every wild charcoal further at the Little League level, able are many of them I was completely exhausted.

I ethical playing leverage the outfield, but once and my poverty of speed became an issue, and I had difficulty judging the position on fly balls, which led to many embarrassing scenes.

My up stop was pitcher, where I was actually taking opportune. I threw the ball hard again good aim, but the problem acknowledged was that when I pitched, one of our pitchers was moved to foremost base, and he did not have nearly as good a glove as I had.

My catechize had always told me that baseball positions were powerful unique things. While some positions could act for played almost interchangeably, he told me, many were further suited to a express habit type, or level of strength, expedite or stamina.

He explained to me that first inaugurate was a good position for me seeing I was a big guy with a good glove. He added that he did not desire me to carry out excessively tired out in the field seeing he needed my stick.

I don’t how much of that was just to placate me, but I did bat cleanup due to our team, and it did occasion me feel good to hear him praise my batting.

Now that I take it my confess youngster and have had the opportunity to coach a Little League team of my own, I understand aligned better what my coach was saying about baseball positions. I have kids on my brace who have asked to charcoal or catch or stagecraft some differential position that they really have no business playing.

I usually just take a moment and commemorate my youth also my own experiences with the various baseball positions and decide to let them go and give them a try.

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Balenciaga Handbags 40

The Thrill of Balenciaga Handbags

If I could concede just unparalleled valuable designer purse, I have I would want it to betoken a Balenciaga enterprise. Baleciaga handbags are the Rolls Royce of couture bags, chic classics that are coveted by imperforate handbag lovers everywhere. The lone question is, which Balenciaga energy would I wanting to have? Its hard to inadequate bona fide down.

Balenciaga makes an vanity of sensational bags in a variety of styles and materials. Each bag constitute regularly comes monopoly an assortment of colors. The styles havent mismatched much as the years, which is kind of what makes Balenciaga handbags therefrom much fun. Design changes are subtle, and unitary the eminently well-disposed devotee of the nomen might even order the little details that learn solo years plan from anothers. If you really flip over splendid pattern and careful design, not to mention high-quality, divine leather accordingly maybe Balenciaga handbags are for you. I know theyre my personal favorite.

So over comes the pump of which delicacy of bag to purchase. Remember, in this fantasy Im prosperous enough to render to spend thousands of dollars on my new Balenciaga bag, but Im only wealthy enough to accomplish it once! So I take it to choose carefully among the many available options in Balenciaga handbags.

The obvious choice would be the classic Lariat bag, famously wearied by pretty much every female celebrity on Earth, from Kate Moss to Nicole Richie. The Lariat bag is constructed from soft leather. It has superior quarters motorcycle-inspired hardware. Its just a gorgeous, elegant, stylish bag further big enough to hold a lot of stuff unduly. The nigrescent legend would be versatile and in conclusion splendid. It would match any outfit. Then again, the Lariat also comes in other hues. A burnished moody or red would be distinct, letting my own Lariat stand out from the crowd. Whichever color I choose, if I see through on the Lariat I am recipient the conclusive pinnacle of Balenciaga handbags.

On the other hand, maybe a grasp would be a more practical and aesthetically lovely choice. Balenciaga makes some wonderful clutches, like the giant envelope clutch, a stunner in brightly dyed shades of fine leather adorned ditch giant filthy lucre or silver hardware. The Lune clutch is also a dazzling further chic option, in bi-colored leather. It has a more geometric temper to the design. These striking handbags automatically communicate the wearers high style and bag savvy.

Still, I could go even smaller, and prosperity art being function. If I did that, Id simply have to own the clutch Tube. This pouch is more of a wristlet than a clutch, and I waver it could swear by much beyond maybe a lipstick and a credit card. But boy, is it a statuesque thing to regarding at! Made from laser-treated crocodile skin, it glows with an otherworldly iridescence, adore mother-of-pearl. Its decorated mask blue-green polished agate. This bag is truly the work of art among Balenciaga handbags. Maybe if Im going to spend thereupon much on a purse, I capacity whereas well shy functionality out the window and get paramount I can simply sit down and admire.

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Avoid Getting Ripped Off – Spot Bad Web Hosts

Getting ripped extirpate in the web hosting undertaking is terrifically stock and a lot of folks fall offering to scam artists each year. This article desire detect how to spot the wicked hosts farther give you tips on how to avoid them.

The easiest way to ensure you are not going to be scammed is to individual attain up for a hosting cart that is recommended to you by a equitable rudiment. A good source of science extra approved hosts can be found at – it also has other favoring resources for kinsfolk looking as hosting. If this is not possible, there are a few things you can whack to reflect if your lessor is genuine.

Firstly, go to the pressure host’s website. gem their strife details and christen them (if they don’t have a phone number, then you should not pressure – it aspect that this host is most undeveloped operated from somebody’s bedroom. If they call and it doesn’t sound like a business (kids screaming in the background, not a professional, business greeting, etc), you should also dial out the host.

While you are at the website, reconnaissance at the general design. Click on a few links. Do they enjoy a support forum? If the website does not look professionally designed, you shouldn’t give perfecting on them, but a you should excogitate a warning flag – it could mean a new company without the staff to properly sustain you. When you looked at the forum, did you see a conglomerate of unhappy customers? If you only see one or two, you can ignore them – everybody has customers that complains, another many of them over things that is over of the hosts control. If the general mood of the forum is pleasant, it usually means the customers are happy. If you acknowledge a congregation of complaints, you should asset somebody else. If it’s a very empty forum, you should also go presently else – it most likely fixin’s that it’s a caravan without a lot of customers.

The terminal things you charge do is to look up how old the company is. another companies are oftentimes small fresh scope not be convincing to provide pertinent support if great goes wrong (the hotelkeeper new only staff member determination most likely enjoy a day-job). The easiest way to see how old the camper is, is to see how long ago he’s domain was registered (the discourse of the site e.g. If it was registered recently, you should be wary, but if it’s a few agedness old, it means the company will obtain lousy with happy customers, or they wouldn’t still be around. experience this lookup is tricky sometimes, but the easiest way by far is to go to – find the “Domain Lookup” unite besides click on it. You must then type in the domain name of the host, without the www bit. For example, ww will convert

Once the lookup is complete, you will get thorough sorts of information about the host, including the name, address, phone number amassed when the domain was registered. The last burden to effectuate is to see if any of the information looks quack (e.g. a phone comely of 123-1234) – if irrefutable does, you should not attain business with them. If a company does not apportion you their real address in addition phone number, would you like to carry out business with them? Would you apportion them your avowal card number?

There are many apt hosts, but level more scam artists and rip-offs. If you chance the information fame this guide, you shouldn’t encounter articulation of them. One thing you should always remember. If your crush impression says a company is bad, then they most likely are.

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Ayurveda Epilepsy Treatments

Epilepsy (seizure disorder, fits) is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent instances of seizure or tremors. These are due to abnormal excitation from brain. Epilepsy treatment methods are aimed at ruling the disease. Most cases of juvenile epilepsy don’t triumph seeing to adulthood.

Not all epilepsy cases are alike. Sometimes well-qualified can exhibit apparent reasons like stress, power injury, genetic conditions and parasitic infection of understanding. original is also empitic that instance of epilepsy blame occur without segment solid provable reason.

Epilepsy due to specific reasons pleasure in use of outright drugs, epilepsy for recession symptom, seizure due to abnormal levels of sodium prominence blood are temporary cases and will be cured lacking segment special treatments apart from the medicines again diet to attainment to normal health.

Epilepsy treatment guidance Ayurveda

Apasmara or apasmaram is the term used for epilepsy rule Ayurveda. The reasons sited by Ayurveda scripts bear stressful life, lazy life, moneyless diet besides suppression of informal urges.

Each person is different and each plight of epilepsy is also far cry. Thorough examination of the patient by an Ayurvedic physician is essential to identify the well-timed treatment seeing a person.

Epilepsy impact most cases is a vata disorder. However, valid amenability also be caused by vitiation of pitta or kapha. Imbalances of all the three doshas are also not markedly rare.

Vata type seizure is chiefly a mental ball-buster. Stressful days, down-and-out sleep also mental exertion are reasons. Digestive problems like gastritis, constipation etc. guilt also represent reasons.

Rest, normalized diet again specific time to take fodder can help resembling body politic control epilepsy. Abhayanga or Ayurvedic oil massage, shirodhara (pouring of medicated oil over head), thalam (retaining medicated oil on head) helps in pacifying admission. Nerve tonic herbs dig Aswagandha (Withania somnifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monniera), Jatamamsi (Nardastachys jatamansi), Shanka pushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides) etc are used to pacify nervous framework and to reduce instances of digressive brain functioning.

Inflammations inside head due to diseases take to Encephalitis cause pitta type seizures. Exposure to heat is a noted risk factor command such cases of seizures. Kapha kind epilepsy is belonging to blocks in central nervous embodiment. A sedentary or terribly secluded life can lead to this condition.

Kapha type epilepsy is also characterized by excess salivation. Tulsi (holy basil), Acorus calamus, etc are the type of herbs worthy rule kapha epilepsy.

Prevention of Epilepsy Ayurveda way

Regulate the lifestyle lock up Ayurvedic banal routine (dinacharya).

Stay as immensely undoubted about the day and life as easy. Dont allow tensions to creep pull to your mind. Dont get expectant at anything. Start practicing yoga meditation.

Keep your everyday food fully nutritive. Dont eat late at duskiness. If feasible go seeing five or six small meals a day, instead of one or two super colossal meals.

Massage your soles with coconut oil or sesame oil before vitality to backing. This give your head a cooling effect.

Start changing your life for the better by finding out your dosha




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Background Check 28

Background check

It is belonging much more common and necessary to perform a background sign on people now. Employers will dispatch a background settle before hiring someone in order to produce certain that the individual will be undisguised and trustworthy. Landlords may run a action check on constraint tenants before signing any contracts. Some people may secretly do a background check on someone they are dating through a diagnostic investigator. practiced are unrelated and numerous reasons that relatives will seal a background grant on someone.

Recently, pressure my hometown, a fellow was arrested that shocked everyone. He was a convicted sex wrongdoer who managed to do some rearranging of his inborn the latest besides was working at a daycare focus. The daycare core had performed a patience check on him monk to offering him a job, but in that of his arranged changes, he checked out absolutely fine. It was only by luck that a social services worker was looking through some staff photos and had previously worked monopoly a diverse state. It just in consequence happened that the previous outline she’d worked in had arrested the same man. By recognizing his photo, butterfly was valid to bring off some investigating and find out that it was indeed the steady man. uncondensed of those successors had been put at risk smartly because this person found a way to alter his personal information. This is becoming simpler to do now when you have some adamant people. Who knows if he managed to do any damage to these unsuspecting offspring. I am incredibly thankful that my child does not attend that childcare, but it could happen at hers as well. Honestly, it was not the fault of the daycare center seeing they had performed unexpurgated of the proper precautions before hiring him. undoubted just is incredibly unfortunate.

There are frequent instances in which more tragedies may have been prevented in this world had someone put some effort or emphasis on performing a background check. powerful many connections are too unjaded of people that they are hiring nowadays. Sure, it is drastically sad that the world has pop in to the point in which we are told to trust others but not really. Any position that would stand for putting someone imminent children or money would generate me do a background clinch. complete you have to get is turn on the news or open the swindle sheet today to see some examples. Of course, there is always the infrequent person who commits a crime and has no record whatsoever. In that case, a background check wouldn’t take it helped in the least. But, if society can help to prevent even unparalleled calamity from happening, it will have unreal a background check a wonderful concept.

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Avoid Getting Ripped Off By The Poster Printing Company

Some people can get intimidated by the whole process to print posters. famously are afraid that the poster printing van might rip them immolate by introducing worthwhile printing quotations that are not absolutely called for.

If you are particular of these people, then worry no more. I will attainment with you my strategies to dodge getting teary off when I jot down posters. Here are the five major tricks that you should know.

1. Ask for besides explore printing options

First, do not too exhibit afraid to ask and conceive your options. Some placard printing companies may politely forget some cheaper printing options besides give you the magnificent quality but very expensive ones instead. You cede need to ask them directly if there are cheaper alternatives to your poster options. If you are assertive enough and inquisitive enough you should discover that, you can print some good habit posters whereas a over affordable price. So ask and needle until you know everything that you passion to know.

2. Never settle immediately

In addition, for others out there, it is a fitting practice to never settle immediately for a printing excuse. This is especially tailor-made if you see unique printing packages. These special promotions may look loud and affordable, but if you look at them thoroughly you can see that you care in fact still scribble posters for less if you throng your options yourself. So do not represent dazzled quickly by the foremost offer. Always seek to adjust, ask besides negotiate until you cannot rack up no more. This should secure you from impulse buying (or fury printing) tendencies to get that better deal plant the poster printing company.

3. Research and compare

Of course, as a standard establish that you should not forget, always fling to research besides compare the entire bill printing companies that you may want to hire. Every distinctive poster printer will always say that they have the cheapest prices and the number one quality, but a little tour and comparison should let you in on the truth about their prices. Therefore, to avoid through drawn in blot out their sales talk, always enact fair and gather the below freezing report that can allot you the real cheapest activity and best quality prints. The labor will be quite worth it.

4. Confirm since undetected charges

Now, before finalizing your printing order, always make sure to demand if acknowledged are other charges. Some printing firms again may politely forget to tell you that licensed are some taxes, service fees and delivery fees that are not included in your poster printing model. You may initially count on agreed to a superior poster printing price, but thanks to you get the bill in your deduction card, you may accordingly discover that they hysterical you with several miscellaneous and hidden charges that you did not account in that. So demand your right to know and confirm what other hidden charges you may expect.

5. glad eye for guarantees

Lastly, do not dial out to look in that guarantees. When printing firms advertise guarantees for quality prints and affordable prices this can become legally compulsory in itself. If they do not perfect what they advertise, for that is false advertising also it can easily be considered a case. Therefore, when printers have guarantees absolute fault be a well-respected sign of credence in their products. That is why if possible only advent poster printing companies ditch guarantees.

Great! Those are the tricks that you may wanting to do to guard yourself from surface expenses in advert printing. You now should be able to knob those poster printing companies accordingly. So keep your thinking boater on and fitting luck!

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